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Holiday Shopping on eBay: Is Your Home Dropship Business Ready?

holidays eBay dropshipHoliday shopping on eBay will be a BIG deal, so you need to ask yourself this question: Is your home dropship business ready?

eBay is one of the internet marketplace giants, second only to Amazon. According to eBiz, eBay ranks number 8 among the top 15 websites, with Amazon coming in just above it at number 7. eBay gets an estimated 210 million visits a month.


That’s a lot, but hold on to your hat because during the upcoming holiday season that number will go up---way up. So, any eBay dropship seller needs to get prepared for all of those shoppers and all that extra traffic. If you have been having a sort of blah year to date, the holiday spending spree will offer you a chance to get caught up and boost your bottom line for the year’s sales.

This is unlikely to happen unless you start making preparations for the increased holiday shopping on eBay for 2013.

Here are some things you can do to get your eBay house in order for the holidays:

  • Add holiday themed gifts to your line up of dropship products. Since you don’t have to pay for your products up front, it won’t cost you one thin dime to browse your wholesale product source listings and choose some items that will be in demand for the holidays. This includes Halloween and Thanksgiving, by the way, not just Christmas. And then there’s Kwanzaa and Hanukkah to think about.

  • Include a calendar in your listings that clearly shows shoppers how many days they have left to purchase your product in order to get delivery before Christmas. Many shoppers procrastinate and being able to see the deadline right in front of them may spur those who tend to put things off into going ahead and buying right then and there.

  • Let your listing templates show some holiday spirit. For example, you can do Halloween themed templates, Thanksgiving themed, Christmas themed and New years as well. Festive templates help to get shoppers in the holiday mood.

  • Black Friday is not just for brick and mortar stores. You should have your Black Friday specials up by Thanksgiving or even earlier. Don’t forget Cyber Monday, either. This is a big online shopping day that takes place the Monday after Thanksgiving, so plan ahead with your marketing and promotions for this extra traffic and buying day.

  • Be sure that your listings and templates are mobile friendly. More shoppers than ever before are predicted to buy from mobile devices this year and you don’t want to miss the boat.

  • Consider adding Best Offer to your Fixed Price listings or Buy It Now to your auction listings. A lot of shoppers are not going to want to wait for an auction to end if they see something they like, so give them the option of an on the spot purchase. You may or may not choose to require immediate payment with a Buy It Now purchase, but it isn’t a bad idea.

Use these tips for holiday shopping and selling on eBay to get your home dropship business ready to make those sales!

3 Tips to Making More Money on eBay with Dropshipping

eBay dropshipping tipsIf you are tired of working for someone else and longing to be your own boss with an ecommerce business of your own that would allow you to work from home, you may be interested in 3 tips to making more money on eBay with dropshipping.

Before we proceed any further, we should probably lay something to rest that might affect your decision to consider dropshipping on eBay if you have heard or read some of the Doomsday prophecies about how nobody can be successful at it:

It isn’t true.

The fact is that there are many successful eBay dropshippers. You won’t hear much from them for the simple reason that they’re too busy making money to talk or write about it. As Winston Churchill once remarked “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

When you see the Debbie Downer stuff about how impossible it is to be successful dropshipping on eBay, you should realize that in most cases, these are people that would have failed at any endeavor….not just as eBay dropshippers. Without the proper work ethics and stick-to-it-iveness, nobody will be successful at anything.

So, now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s proceed to the 3 tips to making more money on eBay with dropshipping.

I. Successful eBay dropshippers understand the importance of having a great niche with products that are in high enough demand to ensure them a steady stream of traffic and sales. No matter how great your work ethics and commitment to success might be in ecommerce, if you don’t have something people want---you will not succeed. Choosing a successful niche means doing the necessary research to determine what’s hot and what’s not. There are several ways to go about this. You can browse eBay completed listings to see what products had a high sell through rate and the prices they brought. You can also use the Google Keyword Tool to research a niche and see global monthly results of how many searches were performed for it. For example, if you used the search phrase “Fuzzy Purple Key chains” and found that there were a slew of global searches in a period of one month, this would tell you that fuzzy purple key chains are in high demand and should make a profitable niche for dropshipping on eBay.

II. Successful eBay drop shippers understand the importance of good copywriting and images, which means writing titles and descriptions that convert to sales and ditto for images. This is one of the most critical points to success on eBay! You can take the time to romance your product descriptions to make them sound as attractive and appealing as possible and make more sales, or you can take the lazy way out and use the brief and generally utilitarian product descriptions from your wholesale product source---and make less sales. The same rule applies to images. You can either procure one each of all your dropship products you will be selling on eBay and take fantastic photos of them and make more sales, or you can use the images provided by your product supplier which are ordinarily pretty blah and basic---and make less sales. Remember that with ecommerce, shoppers are unable to actually see or touch your products and must rely on your descriptions and images to help them make a buying decision.

III. Successful eBay drop shippers understand the importance of customer service. If you fall down in this area, doing a bang up job on the two above won’t help you much. Your seller feedback on eBay is vital to your success and it doesn’t take too many bad feedbacks or Detailed Seller Ratings to sink your eBay ship like the Titanic, only there won’t be a band playing as you go under. Be consistent in providing great customer service and your customers will reward you with excellent feedback and ratings, plus in many cases with repeat business. Always strive to over-deliver rather than under-deliver and you’ll reap many benefits.

Use these 3 tips to making more money on eBay with dropshipping to launch your own profitable home business in ecommerce!

4 Money Making Tips for Successful Dropshipping on eBay

eBay dropshipping successWould you like to get 4 simple tips for making money dropshipping on eBay?

While you might have heard some negative talk to the contrary, the truth is that there are plenty of successful ecommerce entrepreneurs dropshipping on eBay and loving it! One thing you should always keep in mind when you run across these doomsday stories about how making money on eBay with the dropship business model is impossible is that in many---or even most---cases, these people would have failed at any endeavor, not just dropshipping on eBay.

Let’s face it. We all know the pessimistic people who moan and groan all the time about basically anything and everything.

These are the Eeyores of the world. The thing is that things don’t usually improve much for these folks because they never recognize or acknowledge the reason for their misery and repeated failures. What is the problem? Why do some people fall flat on their faces time after time, in one venture or job after another?

The problem is their attitude and in all too many cases, things such as poor work ethics, unrealistic expectations, poor planning and management, and so on.

If you are the type of person who has a winning attitude and you have what it takes to be successful in an online business, you most definitely can succeed with dropshipping on eBay.

Here are 4 money making tips to help you achieve that success:

1. Offer free shipping. Internet research has shown beyond any and all doubt that the average online shopper is more likely to buy if free shipping is offered. You can factor in the amount of shipping into your starting auction price or your fixed price listing so that you don’t lose any money. This is a win-win for all concerned. You make more sales and the buyer is happy with free shipping.

2. Learn and use the eBay jargon so that your titles will pack more of a punch and provide more info to shoppers. Since eBay expanded the number of characters allowed in the titles, it has been a big help. Still, knowing how to use eBay Speak effectively can make your titles even better. Here are a few to get you started: NWT---New With Tags. NIB---New In Box. OSFA---One Size Fits All. There are more, just scout around some auctions and learn the lingo.

3. Research pricing in your niche or of your dropshipping products so that you are competitive with your competitors. Don’t try to undersell them, though. Shoppers are not averse to paying more for something that has more perceived value. You can beef up the perceived value of your items by having better descriptions and images than your competition, offering free shipping, 14 day returns, etc.

4. Timing is everything! There is literally no telling how many people have failed as dropshipping sellers on eBay because they didn’t grasp the importance of timing. For example, you may be a night owl who loves to stay up all night, but having your listings end in the wee hours of the morning is just plain dumb. How many insomniac shoppers are likely to be online at 3 am and shopping on eBay? A few, yes, but not enough to offset the loss of traffic from the people who went to bed and slept through the night, as most of us do. Keep in mind that eBay runs on PST. You should adjust your timing for ending listings accordingly.

Use these 4 money making tips for dropshipping on eBay and watch those sales start pouring in!

5 Mistakes eBay Dropship Sellers Make: What NOT to Do

eBay dropshipper mistakesYou may have heard someone grousing that there is no way to be successful as a dropship seller on eBay.

This is nonsense.

There most certainly is a way and in fact, there are many successful eBay dropship sellers who are making a very nice living at it. But, there have been many who tried it and failed and many more, no doubt, who will try it in the future and fail miserably.

So, what is the difference between these two groups of eBay dropship sellers---the success stories and the failures? What does one group do that the other doesn’t? Are the successful eBay dropshippers privy to a secret that others don’t know about?

The secret is what the successful ones do and perhaps even more importantly, what they DON’T do!

The thing about eBay is that you don’t get a lot of room for mistakes, especially when you are first starting out. There is a very narrow margin for error and a few feedbacks will be enough to sink your eBay ship if you flub up right from the begging.

Here are 5 common mistakes made by eBay dropship sellers who end up being unsuccessful:

1. They don’t provide good images. Your pictures have to clearly show a shopper what you are selling, so they need to be good enough to enable the person to make an informed buying decision. If you plaster poor quality, blurry or otherwise crummy images on eBay of your products---forget it. You won’t succeed.

2. They don’t provide good descriptions. Everything mentioned above about images goes for descriptions, too. Your descriptions should tell a viewer everything they need to know about your product. For example, if you are selling shoes and neglect to mention what size they are who do you think is going to buy them?

3. They don’t answer questions from potential buyers. Let’s face it, despite all of the disruptive change of the last few years and efforts to rid eBay of bad sellers, there are still some to be found on the site. Some are probably not so much bad as just stupid or ignorant. Be that as the case may be, there are a lot of buyers who have been burned by purchasing an item that was not as described. They might need reassurance that the item is as good as you say it is. Answer these messages! Doing so may gain you a valuable repeat customer. Not doing so will almost certainly cost you a sale.

4. They hold feedback hostage until after the buyer leave feedback. Honestly, this is lame. In the olden days of eBay when sellers could still leave negative feedback for buyers, this practice might have had some purpose. But, those days are gone. Sellers are unable to leave buyers anything except positive feedback. So, holding out on leaving feedback until after the buyer does really makes no sense and it antagonizes a lot of buyers. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar!

5. They don’t download tracking info. Hopefully you are doing business with a wholesale product source for your dropship items that furnishes tracking numbers. Some dropship eBay sellers simply can’t be bothered to post this info to the site so that the buyer knows their widget is on its way. This is bad business and will cost you repeat business as well as gain negative or neutral feedback.

Those are 5 common mistakes eBay dropship sellers make that cause them to fail, so avoid them and you can be successful if you do everything else right!

How to Use SEO to Boost Ebay Dropshipping Sales

SEO eBay dropshippingMany people who are dropshipping on eBay fail to realize that using SEO effectively could them to boost sales.

The fact is that SEO is critical to your success as an eBay dropship seller and learning how to use it to its best advantage will go along way toward making your home ecommerce business successful and profitable.

First of all, if you are just getting your feet wet in the ecommerce pool and maybe not entirely sure what SEO is, here is a simple definition of SEO straight from that free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia:

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic.”

So, you can see that the whole idea of SEO is to make your website or your dropship listings on eBay search engine friendly so that they will be easily found.

Here are some fantastic tips from the eBay Learning Center about SEO:

  • Target the right keywords and keyword phrases
  • Use keywords frequently throughout content without spamming. It's important that your content reads naturally to others.
  • Do not duplicate content
  • Include keywords at the top and bottom of your content
  • Use fonts and formatting to emphasize selected words and avoid invisible copy. H1, H2 and H3 tags are great ways to achieve this.

Targeting the right keywords and keyword phrases simply means that you should use those in your titles and descriptions. For example, if you are dropship plus size nightgowns, be sure to use those words in your titles and product descriptions.

Not duplicating content is another thing to be conscious of as the search engines frown on this. If you are selling several variations of a product, write a fresh description for each item instead of the same one with only the color or whatever changed.

Hyperlinking is a very important part of great SEO for your eBay dropshipping sales. For example, if you are dropshipping basketball equipment, you might use this phrase within your description for a basketball goal: “Check out my great deals on basketball equipment” with the word basketball hyperlinked to your store listings.

Using proper SEO will be quite beneficial to you, not only with the eBay Cassini search engine, but with Google and the other big search engines as well, that crawl the internet looking for content.

EBay has a ton of traffic, but chances are that you will have a lot of competition, so being smart about SEO will help give you that competitive edge once you learn how to use SEO to boost eBay dropshipping sales!

3 eBay Dropshipping Mistakes That Can Cost You Money!

warning sign resized 600If you have an eBay dropshipping business, you might appreciate finding out about 3 common mistakes that can cost you a lot of money over time.

Some dropshippers don’t do all that well on eBay and mistakenly believe that it is just how it is, having read or heard that success with dropshipping on eBay is nigh on to impossible.

Heads up, eBay dropshippers! This is not true! The fact is that there are a lot of successful drop shippers on eBay. They aren’t easy to spot because they don’t advertise that they are dropshipping, and why should they? The successful drop shippers on eBay blend right in with all of the other sellers, which is as it should be.

You can dropship on eBay and make a very comfortable living doing so, if you play your cards right and avoid these 3 costly mistakes.

I. Poor customer service: This is an all too common failing of eBay sellers in general and it can take you down! Just because you are selling on eBay instead of your own website doesn’t give you a free pass to skip providing excellent customer service. Remember, the bottom line is that they are YOUR customers, not eBay’s. If you want to succeed and stay on eBay, you will have to be diligent about taking care of your buyers. Contrary to what some sellers say, the problem buyer on eBay is the exception rather than the rule. The majority of your customers will be reasonable, honest, decent people. There are a few bad apples, of course, but giving these crabby customers great service is one way of helping to avoid any unpleasantness. Do provide tracking info. Do answer all messages promptly and courteously---before and after the sale. Do include a simple “Thank You” with every invoice.

II. Lousy titles, descriptions and poor images: Some of the titles on eBay are so bad that one has to wonder how the sellers ever manage to sell anything at all. Just browse the listings in any category and you’ll see the proof of this. For example, in Vintage Textiles, a title for what was presumably a chenille bedspread---”Senile Bedspread.” Really? Bedspreads can get senile or is it the seller who is senile? Or this one that is seen fairly often in the Vintage Lingerie category---”Satan Nightgown” instead of what is surely meant to be a satin nightgown. These kinds of mistakes will cost you sales because most shoppers don’t want to deal with somebody who is obviously incompetent, thinking that they aren’t trustworthy. As for descriptions and images, there is a general rule of thumb that will serve you well---Write your descriptions as though there are no photos and have your photos as though there are no descriptions. You get the idea. You absolutely must give online shoppers enough information to make a buying decision and your images and descriptions are the only way to do this.

III. Have hostile terms and policies or too many terms and policies: People simply do not like this. You can find them in many eBay listings and some are so off-putting that any reasonably normal person will hit the back button and get out of there. Who wants to do business with someone who comes across as having the personality of a puff adder? Those terms and conditions that go on and on ad nauseum about all the things the seller will not tolerate and reason they won’t refund are hogwash anyway for the simple reason that if a buyer isn’t happy, they can file a dispute with eBay or Paypal and usually get their money back very quickly, with a minimum of fuss and bother. You won’t scare off the scammers and crooks that are out to cheat you because they get the benefit of the doubt with Paypal and eBay by virtue of being the customer. All you will succeed in doing is scaring away good buyers who wouldn’t have caused you a minute’s worth of trouble. So, don’t do this. Short and sweet should be your guidelines for terms and conditions.

Avoid these 3 eBay dropshipping mistakes and you can have a lucrative career as part of this mammoth global marketplace!

How to Set Up Dropship eBay Auctions

set up dropship eBay auctionsAnyone who wants to start a home business in ecommerce might be wondering how to set up dropship eBay auctions.

Well, good news! It’s easy!

In fact, it’s so low cost, fast and easy to start up a home dropship business and get your products listed on eBay---making sales and money---that you will be pleasantly surprised if you envisioned some long, drawn out, expensive and complicated process.

First of all, if you are just starting out in a home dropshipping business, eBay is an excellent choice for a marketplace to sell your products. It has a tremendous volume of global traffic 24/7 and is well known in most parts of the civilized world. For your purposes, the civilized world is all you’re concerned about since people living in uncivilized parts of the world probably don’t have access to computers and can’t buy from you anyway.

When you set up dropship eBay auctions, you get the benefits of eBay’s name and all that traffic, something you couldn’t possibly hope to match when you are first starting out. Well, actually, it’s unlikely you could ever match the amount of traffic eBay has, but at some point down the road, you might want to look at setting up your own web site and using eBay to drive traffic to your site to vice versa---use your web site to help drive traffic to your eBay dropship listings.

Here are the steps you will need to take, in order, to set up dropship eBay auctions:

  • If you don’t already have one, set up an eBay seller’s account, as well as a Paypal account.

  • Next, decide on a niche. Do your homework and find one in high demand, at least high enough to keep you in potential customers.

  • After choosing a niche, research to find out what the average retail selling price is for your niche product/s. If you don’t know how much you can reasonably expect to get for the dropship items you sell, you won’t have any idea how much you can afford to pay them for resale.

  • Once you have a good ballpark idea of the price your dropship products should fetch, find a reputable wholesale product source who stocks the product at genuine wholesale prices.

  • Now, you have decided on a niche, researched the selling price, find a wholesale dropship product supplier to deal with and you’re ready to import those products to eBay with just a few clicks of your mouse. Your product source will have descriptions and images, ready for you to simply point and click to list in eBay.

That’s it! You’re finished! Your dropship products are listed on eBay and you are ready to start making sales and money.

3 Ways to Boost the Conversion Rate in Your Home Dropship Business

dropship business conversion rateWould you like to know 3 great ways to boost the conversion rate in your home dropship business?

Sure you would!

After all, the higher your conversion rate, the higher your income. So, anything you can do to increase conversion and make more sales means more money in your pocket.

First of all, what exactly is a conversion rate?

You may be new to ecommerce and have heard the term “conversion rate” bandied about but be vague as to what it means. Here is a brief but accurate definition of a conversion rate, straight from trusty Wikipedia:

“In internet marketing, the conversion rate is the proportion of visitors to a website who take action to go beyond a casual content view or website visit, as a result of subtle or direct requests from marketers, advertisers, and content creators.”

In other words, in terms of your dropshipping sales, your conversion rate would mean how many visitors or click throughs to your site or listing on eBay, Amazon or wherever actually went on to make a purchase. For example, if you had ten visitors to your dropship website and 5 of them completed a purchase, you would have a conversion rate of 50%. If you are an eBay dropshipper, your conversion rate would apply to your listings. If ten shoppers clicked through to view your item and 4 of them made a purchase, then your conversion rate would be 40%.

Obviously, a high conversion rate is to be strived for at all times. There are other considerations when it comes to improving your dropship business conversion rates, as well. Having a high conversion rate will net you a higher ranking in search engine results pages because Google and the other major search engines reward good conversion rates as they are an indication that your site or your content is valuable to others.

This also applies to your dropship listings on eBay, particularly since the advent of the new Cassini search engine. You will score brownie points with Cassini and get ranked higher in search results if your listings convert to sales reasonably often.

So, without further ado, 3 ways to increase your conversion rate for a home dropship business:

1. Provide excellent descriptions and images. Always keep in mind that online shoppers are at a disadvantage in that they are unable to see and touch your products in real time. They must rely on reading your descriptions and looking at your images. Therefore, the descriptions need to be as detailed as possible, while romancing the benefits to the shopper of your product. The images must be large enough to see well, with clear, true colors, and preferably include several views. Having great descriptions and images of your dropship products will go a long way toward increasing your conversion rate.

2. Streamline and simplify checkout. The checkout process is one place that many an ecommerce entrepreneur comes to grief as far as a conversion rate, because this is the spot in the sales funnel where many shoppers bail without completing a purchase. The faster and easier you can make this step---the better off you will be. If you are an eBay or Amazon dropshipper, you don’t have to worry about it much as checkout is basically built-in. But, if you have your own website, this is a crucial step and to improve conversion….it must be quick and painless for the shopper. Don’t ask for info you don’t need to complete the sale. Don’t make the customer jump through hoops to checkout. Do have a progress bar that shows shoppers exactly where they are in the checkout process.

3. One of the biggest hurdles an ecommerce business person must overcome in order to make a sale is fear and shoppers being uneasy about getting ripped off. To overcome this and increase your conversion rate in a home dropship business, display your trust and security signs and symbols prominently. Make sure that visitors to your site know that it is safe and secure. This will help immensely in increasing your conversions.

Use these 3 tips to increase the conversion rate for your home dropship business!

6 Tips for a Successful Home Dropshipping Business

dropshipping businessIf you are daydreaming of working from home in your own business, you might be able to put these 6 tips for a successful home dropshipping business to good use!

1. Choose your niche wisely. A niche with the potential for profit is essential to dropshipping business success. Your niche must be one with enough of a consumer demand to ensure you get plenty of traffic and sales. You might be dropshipping the best darned little furry flying purple widgets ever invented; but if nobody much wants them---you’re sunk. Research and do your homework before choosing a niche.

2. When choosing a niche, try to find one without an absolutely humongous amount of competition. How can you do this and still sell products that are in high demand? One tried and tree way to thin down the competition is to drill down into a broad niche to find and develop a lucrative sub-niche. This way, the competition won’t be as fierce but you will still have a goodly amount of consumer demand.

3. Choose your wholesale product source wisely. There are scads of them available on the World Wide Web but it’s very much a case of buyer beware in some instances. Beware of wholesale dropshipping product suppliers who promise no fees. If you think about it, this is nonsensical. What legitimate business would stock products for you to sell, package and ship them and incur all the expenses of running a business of that nature---for free? Exactly. Nobody. You should look for an established business that is a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau. If you can find a supplier who has brand name products, so much the better! Make sure the product source offers real wholesale prices and not retail or close to retail. If you buy for resale at retail prices, how will you have any margin for profit?

4. Choose an appropriate venue for your dropshipping product sales. You may hear or read that eBay dropshipping sellers can’t succeed. This is NOT true! There are many successful eBay drop shippers. Ditto for Amazon. You might prefer one of those mammoth marketplaces, at least initially, rather than your own website simply because of the incredible volume of global traffic that flows through them daily.

5. You can import images and descriptions straight from the wholesale product supplier’s website and if you need to generate some income fast with immediate sales, this is your best route. However, it is best to obtain one of each type of dropship product you are selling and take your own pics. Ditto for descriptions. Write your own! Using your own images and descriptions will set your items apart and frankly---above---your competition selling the same pr similar products.

6. Use great SEO. Some people mistakenly believe that the Google Penguin and Panda updates negated the value of SEO best practices. Not so! Google wants valuable, relevant content and good SEO does still help immensely with getting your dropshipping products found by the search engines. This also applies to the eBay Cassini search engine. There are free webinars and classes online to help you learn the basics of SEO.

Use these 6 tips for a successful home dropshipping business!

How to Use the Cassini Search Engine:Tips for eBay Dropshippers


All eBay dropshippers should familiarize themselves with the latest and greatest (supposedly) search engine to be rolled out on the ever shifting sands of the site: Cassini.

Cassini is markedly different than previous search engines on eBay. Whether it is actually better or not depends on who you are talking to. The eBay execs, whose brainchild it is, extol the virtues of Cassini. eBay sellers, including dropshippers, don’t have much of anything good to say about it.

But here is the thing: If you want to remain one of the eBay dropshippers who make money and are successful on the site, you will have to adapt---or die.

Like it or not, Cassini rules the day on eBay and you’ll just have to go with the flow or pick up your dropshipping marbles and go elsewhere.

Here are some tips to help you adapt to the Cassini search engine and optimize your dropship listings to accommodate it. These were gleaned from a presentation given by Todd Alexander, Director of Onsite Search at eBay.com.au at the PeSA 2013 Internet Conference to help make eBay search placement more transparent for sellers. Todd’s explanations were quite helpful.

  • The key to understanding the eBay Cassini search engine is to realize that the search engine now is all about utilizing all of the data to give shoppers on eBay immediate results that are specifically targeted to their searches. This is to happen quickly and hopefully, painlessly. Cassini is supposed to eliminate a lot of the totally irrelevant search results shoppers frequently got with the old search engine. Does it do this? Not really. But, in fairness, it does seem to be marginally better than it was. So, understand that Cassini uses a lot of data to rank your dropshipping items in search results.


  • Cassini is supposed to focus on four main factors:


  1. Relevance
  2. Trust
  3. Value
  4. Convenience

The whole idea is to streamline the entire shopping process and give shoppers search results that offer a good value from trustworthy sellers, are relevant to their search terms and with a fast, easy transaction from start to finish. This is a good thing and if it really works, will be good for eBay drop shippers as well as other sellers.

  • Best practices to keep in mind when it comings to ranking high in the Cassini search results center around using good keywords, lots of item details, write titles and descriptions that get shoppers to click through and buy. Your keywords are crucial. Todd Alexander suggested looking at the keywords or keywords phrases that come up under the search box when you type in a specific keyword or phrase and using them in your titles. For example, if you type the keywords “digital camera” into the eBay search box, here is what you will see:

eBay dropshippers Cassini search

  • Instead of loading up a big batch of listings at once, stagger them out and schedule to start gradually. In the past, a lot of dropship sellers and others would list a slew of items to try and dominate the category. This is not advisable with the new Cassini search. You should list as many as you actually expect to sell.

These are a few tips to help eBay drop shippers understand and cater to the new Cassini search---put them to good use and increase your sales!

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