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5 Best Social Media Marketing Tips for a Dropship Home Business

social media dropship businessIf your ecommerce home dropship business seems to be in a slump, you might appreciate these 5 best social media marketing tips to shift your sales into high gear!

First of all, if you aren’t utilizing the awesome power of social media, you are definitely missing the boat!

Social media is HOT and getting hotter every day as more and more social sites such as Pinterest explode on the virtual scene. People all over the world love the interaction of social media and it is an exceedingly effective, as well as FREE way to grow your home dropship business.

Here are 5 great tips for using social media to rev up traffic and sales:

I. Use Google +. To date in 2013, Google Plus has passed Twitter to become the 2nd largest social network. (Facebook is first.) It now has more than 343 million active users. That’s a lot of people and potential customers. There is another plus to Google Plus! By getting in on this social platform, you have access to the marvelous Google tools and services, and will greatly enhance your SEO efforts.

II. Don’t spread yourself too thin. It is far better to limit your activity for marketing on social sites and do just a few really well---maybe only two or three---than to bite off more than you can chew by taking on too many platforms and not doing any of them very well. This way, you can really focus and narrow your efforts to do a fantastic job of marketing your dropship business with contests, promotions and more.

III. Use Slideshare. You really need to be on Slideshare! It is predicted to be the fastest growing social site of the year. You can share almost anything with any and everybody---presentations, documents, videos, PDFs and more. Be funny, be educational, be serious and informative, be interesting….be anything you want to be that will work to attract viewers and grow your dropship business.

IV. Use visual marketing. Online marketing with social media, especially, is becoming progressively visual. If you doubt the veracity of that statement, consider this: Pinterest  broke records by adding 10 million monthly users in the United States alone quicker than any other site in internet history. How? By users sharing images. Picture are also the most often used and shared method on Facebook. Visual marketing works and you need to take advantage of its power to boost sales in your dropship home business.

V. Use social media marketing analytics. There are some fantastic free services available online to help you track and analyze your social media marketing campaigns and efforts. Use one or more of them to keep up with how you are doing. This is hugely instrumental in being successful with social media marketing!

These 5 tips can help you shift your home dropship business sales into overdrive and keep your profits steadily rising!

Social Media Marketing for Your Dropship Business: What NOT to Do

social media dropship business
When you are running a dropship business from home and want to use social media marketing to boost sales and build your brand, knowing what not to do may be as important as knowing what you should be doing.

While there is no doubt whatsoever that social media marketing can greatly increase the success of your home dropship business, if you go about it wrong and alienate the very people you are trying to make a good connection with to build your sales; it will backfire on you in a big way and you will end up being worse off than if you had never tried it all.

Epic fail, in other words---and who wants that?

Here are some tips for what NOT to do when using social media marketing to build your home dropship business.

Don’t acknowledge or respond to social media trolls. Yes, they are out there and yes, at some point you are almost certainly going to become a target on Facebook or whatever other social media site you are using to market your ecommerce business. Here is a basic rule of social media marketing: Don’t feed the trolls. In general, it is wise to simply ignore them and they will eventually go away if they don’t get a reaction. Should you remove their posts? If they are offensive to the general audience, yes, by all means remove them. After all, these types of posts serve no useful purpose for anybody; least of all you, but they aren’t helpful in any way to your fans or followers, either. So, use your own discretion and simply ignore or delete their trollish comments and then block them.

Count to ten. Or twenty. Or fifty or a hundred or five hundred….as long as it takes you to cool off and calm down when someone makes a hostile comment that you are itching to respond to. It is always best to give yourself time to cool off before jumping in and saying something you might regret after the initial heat of the moment. People can say things that have you absolutely fuming, but it is unwise to react right away. Take some time and be able to think with your head instead of your emotions before you make a response to an attack of some sort.

Don’t insult anyone. Ever. Period. Although some posters are deliberately provoking and offensive, always remember that when you are using social media sites for marketing your dropship business, it would behoove you to behave in a business like manner. Resorting to name calling or trading insults is not at all professional and will do you much more harm than good. Don’t do it. Resist the impulse to hurl insults back at someone who has insulted you. Take the high road, you customers and potential customers will think more highly of you.

Follow these don’ts to help you put your best foot forward when you are using social media marketing to build your dropship business!

Video Marketing Basics for an Online Dropshipping Home Business

video marketing dropshipping
Anyone with an online dropshipping home business might be interested in getting some basics about video marketing.

Video marketing is HOT and your business could be of tremendous benefit to building your brand and boosting sales, so if you aren’t already into it---get started now!

What is video marketing, exactly?

It is just what it sounds like: you make videos for marketing your dropshipping business. One important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to go and hire Steven Spielberg to make your video, or Angelina Jolie to start in it. Yes, this would be nice but your chances of getting her to do it are more or less zero, so set your sights on someone you can afford---like yourself.

If you don’t want to star in your own video production, see if a kindly friend or family member will step up to the plate,

The point is that it doesn’t have to be an epic saga of Hollywood box office proportions. Just a simple, reasonably brief, amateur video will do the job. You can use a digital camera in video mode, a home video camera or even the video camera on your cell phone if the quality is okay.

The thing is….consumers love videos!

Yes! Videos are popular. Internet users flock to sites such as YouTube to watch videos about everything under the sun. Your video might even go viral if you are lucky. Just think about that that could do for your dropshipping business!

You don’t want to make your marketing videos too salesy and full of hype about your dropship products. This will turn people off in a heartbeat and they’ll hit the back button before you can blink. So, make it educational, informative, instructional or otherwise of value. You can do this about something that correlates well with your dropshipping products, for instance. If you are dropshipping camping equipment, you might have a marketing video about hot to set up a tent, or clean a fish, or start a fire.

Don’t be afraid to use humor!

People adore something that makes them laugh and this is an excellent way to build great PR and make a connection with your audience. Funny videos are most often the ones to go viral, by the way.

Here are some interesting factoids about videos that might help to convince you what a valuable marketing tool they could be for you:

  • YouTube reaches more adults in 18-34 year old age group, in the United States, than any cable network and it’s still growing by leaps and bounds.

  • 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

  • Every company listed in the AdAge Top 100 National Advertisers uses YouTube for video marketing.

These stats should give you a very good general idea of the value of video marketing. So, don’t waste another minute! Lights! Camera! Action!

Start using video marketing to grow your online dropshipping home business!

6 Twitter Tips for a Home Dropshipping Business

twitter bird white on blueSocial media marketing is a great way to build and grow your home dropshipping business, so you might be able to put a few Twitter tips to good use.

Most ecommerce business people feel that of all the social sites, there are a few that stand out as far as their worth in building your brand and increasing sales. Twitter is always in the top of that group, along with the inevitable Facebook. Hundreds of millions of people use Twitter and is you go about it right, you can connect with some of those people and gain new customers for your home dropshipping business.

So, without further ado, here are some useful Twitter tips:

  • Whenever you will be adding a new product to your virtual shelves, use Twitter to build interest and excitement about weeks in advance of its launch. This is a great time to get people interested in at least looking at your new product and then hopefully buying it, by having promotions that feature it in some way. You may even consider having a contest or giveaway of the brand new product.

  • A smart way to get retweeted is to have a good freebie and give it away to followers only after they have retweeted your post X amount of times. You might even keep the freebie or promotion or free coupon or whatever you’re offering secret, unlocking and revealing it to the follower once he or she has retweeted the required number of times. This is sort of fun and builds suspense.

  • Use Vine, a new mobile app being used with iOS and Android that allows you to create short looping videos that can be shared on face book and Twitter. You can use this app to show promotional or marketing videos, showcase new products, have contests and all kinds of neat things. Remember---online users love videos!

  • Say thank you. Express your appreciation of your followers who retweet your posts, tweet about you and/or are loyal brand advocates. You might be surprised what an impact a simple “thank you” can have on others. Letting people who are helping you know that you acknowledge and appreciate their help will go a long way toward building a strong following on Twitter and building your home dropshipping business, too, in the process.

  • Consider advertising on Twitter. You can use Promoted Tweets or a Promoted Account. Twitter calls this their self service form of advertising. Straight from Twitter: “You’ll only be charged when people follow your Promoted Account or retweet, reply, favorite or click on your Promoted Tweets. You’ll never be charged for your organic activity on Twitter. There’s no monthly fee and you set your maximum daily budget.”

  • Don’t overlook the use of Twitter tools that can be a huge help in your social media marketing efforts. There are some great tools that are worth giving a try.

One last tip: follow Twitter Small Biz to get updates and info on all kinds of things that will benefit your Twitter usage and your home dropshipping business, as well.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for a Home Dropshipping Business


Unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island with no access to news from the rest of the world for the past decade or so, you have surely heard of social media and social media marketing, but are confused about how you could use it to the advantage of your home dropshipping business.

Many home business owners are bypassing social media marketing because they mistakenly think they are too small fry for it and that it will help big box brands, but not theirs.


If you have a business---any kind of business---large or small, online or off, social media marketing can help you!

Here are 5 tips that will be useful to you in social media marketing for your home dropshipping business:

1. Quality over quantity---There are a slew of social media sites. Pick the ones that will deliver the most bang for your buck, so to speak, and go with two or three. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are huge, for instance. Choose one or all three of those sites and you can’t go wrong. But don’t get so much on your plate that you can’t do a good job because you have spread yourself too thin.

2. Be consistent---You can’t just create a face book fan page and then disappear into the ether. In order to be successful with social media marketing, you should plan on maintaining a consistent, steady presence on the site. Ideally, post a few times a day but if you can’t manage that---at least once every day.

3. Listen---Don’t just get on Facebook or Twitter and talk AT people. Talk TO them. A lot of social media marketer wanna bes make the fatal mistake of posting but never actually engaging or listening to what others have to say. If you don’t listen to them, they won’t listen to you. It’s just that simple.

4. Give something of value---Don’t jump into social media trumpeting the glories of your dropshipping business. Nobody wants all that sales hype and in fact, will avoid it like the plague. It’s okay to promote your business, of course, but provide something of value for the most part. This can be a funny image or saying, an interesting tidbit of news pertaining to your niche, a contest, a giveaway or other promotion, a how-to or funny video---you get the idea.

5. Timing---As with so many other things in life timing…while not everything…is important in social media marketing. Social Caffeine created an info graphic based on research and surveys that shows the best times for engaging on various social media sites. You can use free services such as HootSuite to help you schedule your face book posts and tweets to appear at the optimal times.

dropshipping social media marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to grow and build your online home dropshipping business, so don’t delay any longer---jump on the social bandwagon and watch your sales grow!

Dropship Tips: How to Gain Repeat Customers

dropship business repeat customersWhile there is no doubt that you always want to have fresh, new customers for your dropship business, you might be able to put a few tips on how to gain repeat customers to good use, too.

New customers are great. But repeat customers, the ones who come back time after time, are pure gold.


There are actually several reasons for this. First of all, repeat customer sales only cost a small fraction of acquiring new customers. Another reason is that they are much easier to sell since you have already gained their trust. Yet another---and very good---reason why repeat customers are money in the bank to your dropship business is that they make fantastic brand advocates, spreading the good word about you to people they know and greatly expanding your sphere of influence.

So, a few tips to help you gain repeat customers might come in handy to build your dropship business.

Dropship Tips to Gain Repeat Customers

Here are some tips to help you build a rock solid repeat customer base for your home dropship business:

  • Over Deliver---No matter what you promised the customer, go above and beyond it. Unfortunately, many people expect under delivery, so when you over deliver you really wow them. You don’t have to lose money to do this, just a little extra service or coupon for free shipping with the next purchase, anything that is probably beyond what the customer expected will make a good impression.

  • Have a Forum---Internet retail research has shown that ecommerce businesses that offer customers a forum to meet and cyber speak gain more repeat customers than those that don’t. Like the Cheers theme song said, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. By providing customers a place to interact, you’re making them feel at home and welcome on your site and much more likely to come back. For example, if you dropship camping equipment, you could have a forum for camping enthusiasts.

  • Allow Reviews---Allow customers to submit reviews or comments on your site about the products they bought from you. People in general like to get their two cents worth in. Give them an opportunity to do that and you are doing more to gain a loyal, repeat customer. Don’t worry about getting negative reviews, but if you get too many about the same thing; it would behoove you to sit up and listen because there is almost certainly a problem with the product.

  • Have Polls and Surveys---Use polls and surveys to let your customers tell you what they would like to see from your dropship business. It might be specific items, more coupons, promotions or contests…whatever it is, they will like being asked for an opinion and you can gain not only repeat customers but also some valuable insight into what your shoppers want from you.

  • Use Social Media---Social sites like Facebook and Twitter are a good way to acquire repeat customers. But, here is where many ecommerce entrepreneurs drop the ball and fail to use social media marketing to its best advantage: you must respond to comments! Nobody likes talking into a vacuum and if you don’t respond to customer comments, you will lose good will in a hurry, along with customers.

Use these tips to grow your dropship business with a strong repeat customer base!

4 Best FREE Social Media Marketing Tools for Your Dropship Business

free social media marketing tools dropshipMarketing is critical to the success of your ecommerce home dropship business, so you might find some FREE social media marketing tools helpful!

Social media marketing is huge. In fact, if you haven’t been keeping up with buzz about social media, you might not appreciate just how tremendously influential it can be to your dropship business.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Pinterest and others are incredibly popular with all ages and genders from all around the world. In other words, people who are your potential customers for your ecommerce dropshipping store items. As you can imagine, being able to expand your sphere of influence to gain more traffic and sales translates to money in your pocket, so use these free social media marketing tools to do just that and watch your sales soar!

Here are some of the best free social media marketing tools for 2013:

  • Twitterfeed--- Twitterfeed is a utility that allows you to feed your content (for example, blog posts or any other content that supports RSS feeds) to twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms. It enables publishers to bring content to a wider audience and track the performance through real-time stats. An exceptionally handy free social media marketing tool for your online dropship business, Twitterfeed is easy to use and will prove an invaluable tool to help monitor and streamline your marketing efforts. You can register and have your account up and going in a matter of mere minutes and from there on out, it’s user friendly to the max.

  • HootSuite--- One of the most popular of all social media marketing tools, this free social media marketing tools can do much for your dropship business. For instance, you can manage multiple social networks, schedule messages and tweets, track brand mentions, analyze social media traffic and more. There are paid plans, but the free plan is probably sufficient for your needs if you have a small home dropship business. With the free plan, you have 5 social profiles, 2 RSS/Atom feeds, basic analytic reports, message scheduling, and unlimited apps. Not bad for free, huh?

  • Viral Heat--- The free plan with Viral Heat should serve you well if you have a small dropship ecommerce business. It is fantastic for monitoring all of your social media accounts and shows you all mentions of your brand, along with trends as pertaining to your brand and analytics about it, too. The free personal plan gives you 7 social accounts, unified stream scheduled publishing and an analytics dashboard.

  • Storify--- This is a really fabulous free social media marketing tool that can prove immensely helpful to your dropship business. With Storify, you can collect videos, tweets, stories, photos and more social content and use it to create a unified, single “story” that you can then embed anywhere. Use your imagination a bit and you can come up with all sorts of great uses for this free tool!

Use these free social media marketing tools to grow and build your online dropship business, then reap the rewards in increased traffic and sales!

Use Social Media Marketing to Sell More Dropship Items!

dropship items social media marketingDid you know that you can use social media marketing to sell more dropship items in your home business?

Social media is the happening thing these days and by all indications, it is in no danger of fading away any time soon, if ever. In fact, more social media sites are popping up all the time!

If you aren’t harnessing the awesome power of social media to market your ecommerce home business and sell more dropship items, you are definitely missing the boat.

So, how can you leverage social media to sell more dropship items?

Here are some tips that should provide you with ideas of how to successfully utilize social media marketing, even if you have yet to get started in even a small way:

  • Don’t put all of your social media marketing eggs into one basket. Instead of confining your marketing efforts to only one social site, branch out and try to do at least two, preferably three. Facebook and Twitter are basically two must-haves and if you have the time and inclination to tackle a third one; base your decision of which one to choose on what your dropship items are. For instance, if you are dropshipping business supplies, you might want to check out LinkedIn. By the same token, if your dropship items are cooking and baking products, you might do very well by establishing a social presence on Pinterest.

  • While you don’t want to use social media marketing on just one site, you don’t want to over do it and spread yourself too thin, either. It is much better to do two or three sites well than try to take on too many and not do it well. There is a fine line here and you will have to experiment some to find out what works for you.

  • Use the free social media tools that can help you organize, coordinate, track and streamline your marketing efforts. There are several available, such as HootSuite and TweetDeck, as well as others, that will be immensely helpful to your social media marketing campaigns.

  • Be consistent. You cannot simply join a social community and then vanish. You have to keep an oar in the water, so to speak, in order to gain maximum benefit from social media marketing for your dropship business. It is preferable to post something on each site you are using at least once a day and more if you can manage it. Some of the free social media tools will let you schedule posts and tweets, by the way.

  • Don’t be too salesy on the social sites. Yes, you want to market and promote your dropship business but you don’t want to turn people off with too much sales hype, either. Offer something of value to the community. It might be something funny, educational, informative, interesting, or whatever…so long as it is valuable content. This will also help you with Google and the other search engines as they crawl the social sites to pick up good content.

Social media marketing is a great way to build and promote your home business and sell more dropship items!

Start a Dropship Business Blog to Boost Sales & Build Your Brand

dropship business blogIf you want to see your home business really take off, start a dropship blog to boost sales and build your brand!

Using marketing strategies to grow and build your home dropshipping business is just good thinking all the way around. With a little work and effort, you can greatly increase traffic, boost sales, build your brand and work at maintaining great PR, too.

You have probably at least heard of social media marketing and may even have a page on Facebook and a Twitter account. This is wonderful and is the type of marketing and promotion that will reap big benefits for your home dropship business.

But, did you know that a blog is social media, too?

It’s true! A business blog for your ecommerce endeavor is considered social media marketing and can be enormously helpful to you if you are willing to put forth the time and effort required to do it right.

The Benefits of a Blog

First of all, a blog is defined by Wikipedia as a “web log” and basically, that is what it is, although not so much as when blogs were just starting up on the internet. In the beginning of blogging, most people maintained a strictly personal blog and kept this daily web log to chronicle life events and things of that nature.

As time went on and ecommerce blossomed, more and more businesses began to see the benefits of having a blog to keep in touch with customers and potential customers, increase sales and drive traffic.

A blog gives you a place to interact with others and provides a platform for you to provide information and education, even entertainment, to viewers.

Blogging Basics

If you want your blog to work for you, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Blog consistently, on a regular basis. You should post a blog article at least every day, preferably, and more if you can manage it. The more the better. If you need to skip a day every now and then, no biggie. But try not to skip more than one day.

  • Keep your blog posts relevant but not too full of sales hype. In fact, this is a big no-no. A good rule of thumb, according to some master bloggers for ecommerce, is that your blog articles promoting your business should make up no more than about 15% or less of your total posts.

  • Try to have high quality blog posts as this is what will score you brownie points with Google. Especially since the Panda and Penguin updates, Google puts a premium on fresh, relevant, high quality content. Blogging is one of the best ways to provide this content to Google and keep your business high in the search engine results pages.

  • You can use WordPress as your blogging platform, or find another good one. WordPress is free and immensely popular because it has so many bells and whistles. Setting up your blog is almost a no brainer and you can customize the style and design to suit yourself. If you don’t feel up to writing blogs for your dropship business, you can hire a freelancer to do them for you. The cost will be offset in more sales and higher rankings with search engines.

Start a dropship business blog to boost sales and build your brand!

Marketing for Ecommerce: Dropship Business Tips

marketing ecommerce dropshipAre you interested in marketing for ecommerce and dropship business tips?

If you are new to the world of ecommerce, you might not yet be aware of the importance of marketing your home dropship business. The internet is a big place. In fact, it’s huge. If you want to get noticed and make a lot of sales, you absolutely must promote and market your website or even your listings on such sites as eBay and Amazon.

Naturally, if you are an eBay or Amazon seller, you won’t have to focus quite as much on marketing as with your own website or online store. But, to achieve maximum success, even on one of these giant marketplaces that have tremendous amounts of global traffic flowing thru the site 24/7.…you still need to do some marketing.

With your own website or online store, marketing is crucial to making money.

Here are some tips to help market your ecommerce dropship business:

  • If you are selling on eBay, Amazon or a site such as Bonanza, you can count on getting a certain amount of traffic run-off from the tide of visitors that come to any of these sites. But, to divert more of that traffic your way, practice good marketing tips. This means using great SEO, email marketing and social media marketing, too.
  • If you have your own website, you must work to ensure that it is running fast and smoothly, with everything up to par. Internet shoppers are notoriously impatient and you will lose a lot of sales if you don’t keep your website in tip top shape. This includes a speedy, efficient checkout process, which is the worst place in the sales conversion funnel for shopping cart abandonment.

  • Marketing can be done very inexpensively if you can write your own emails, newsletters and blog articles. If writing isn’t your strong suit, hire a freelancer. The return on your investment in terms of increased traffic and sales will be well worth the cost.  

  • Have a business blog. You can do this whether you have your own web store or are using one of the big marketplaces. Blogs are an excellent way to connect with potential customers. As an added bonus, Google rewards merchants who provide plenty of fresh, relevant, high quality content. So, having a blog will greatly increase your chances of ranking high in search results. Research has shown that most people who use a search engine will rarely go past the first page of results, so the higher you rank, the better off you are.

  • You might try trading out some ads with someone who has a niche that correlates well with yours. For example, if you are dropshipping toddler toys, you might swap out some ads with another website selling other baby and toddler products, such as jogging strollers. You both benefit from having an ad on the other’s website and it’s a great way to advertise on the cheap!

  • Facebook has over 800 million users. Twitter has many millions and Pinterest is growing by leaps and bounds to be one of the favorite social networking sites. If you want to drive traffic, build your brand and market your dropship business---you need to have a presence on these sites. Social media marketing is enormously effective if done right and won’t cost you a penny if you do it yourself.

These marketing for ecommerce tips can grow your dropship home business!

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