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Hey Dropshipper! Social Networking Sites Can Build Your Business

dropshipper social networking sitesHeads up dropshipper: social networking sites can help build your brand and vastly improve your home business sales!

Whether you like sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others; the reality is that millions of people do like them and use them daily, or even several times a day.

Facebook currently has in excess of 800 million users.

Eight. Hundred. Million.

That’s almost mind boggling. If you don’t think making a connection with some of those people will benefit your dropshipping business, you need to put your thinking cap on and try again.

Just imagine if you were only able to make customers out of one half of one percent of those 800 million users. You would have 4 million new customers! But let’s be modest and say that you don’t manage one of one percent. Even one tenth of one percent of that humongous number of Facebook users would put you on Easy Street!

Twitter has millions of users, too. MySpace, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram….the list of social sites is growing and the number of users who interact with those sites on a regular basis is growing, too.

Age Demographic on Social Networking Sites

If you’re thinking that the average age demographic on sites such as Facebook is teeny boppers, go get the thinking cap again.

Take a look at these numbers from 2012:

  • 55% of Twitter users are 35 or older.
  • 63% of Pinterest users are 35 or older.
  • 65% of Facebook users are 35 or older.
  • 79% of LinkedIn users are 35 or older.

Not teenyboppers! But hey, even if a lot of them are teenagers, these kids have buying power and they know how to use it! Many of today’s teens have their own credit and debit cards and are avid online shoppers. If your dropship products are something they’re buying, social networking sites are a prime place to connect with them.

Here are some more stats that should interest you.

Based on the sites used in this survey, the approximate estimated age of the average social site user is a little below 37 years old. Here are some more points:

  • The oldest users. LinkedIn has the oldest user base, with the average user being 44.2 years old.
  • The average Facebook user is 40.5 years old.
  • The average Twitter user is 37.3 years old.
  • The age trend for Facebook and Twitter. Compared to a previous survey we did two and a half years ago, the age of the average Facebook user has gone up two years, while the age of the average Twitter user has gone down two years. In other words, Twitter’s user base is getting younger, while Facebook’s is getting older.

Source: RoyalPingdom

dropshipper social networking sites
Genders & Social Networking Sites

Now let’s look at gender. Who is using social networking sites more---males or females?

  • 17 out of 24 sites (71%) have more female than male users.

  • The average gender distribution is 48.75% male, 51.25% female.

  • Most male-dominated site? Slashdot (87% males) is the standout, followed by Hacker News (77% males) and Stack Overflow (76% males).

  • In general, the more tech-focused sites in this survey have more male users than female.

  • Most female-dominated site? Pinterest (79% females) is in a league of its own, followed by Goodreads (70% females) and Blogger (66% females).

Facebook and Twitter have the same gender distribution: 40% male, 60% female
Source: RoyalPingdom

Female dominated Pinterest is taking the internet by storm! Again, this is a demographic not to be overlooked. In many families, the female is the one who does the bulk of the shopping and buying, both online and off.

Hopefully these facts and numbers have convinced you to start being a savvy dropshipper and using social networking sites to grow your home business!

8 Top Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Dropshipping Business

social media marketing dropshippingHow about some great social media marketing tips to beef up sales for your dropshipping business?

Those who are active in ecommerce understand the power of social media and do their best to harness some of that power and energy into building their online business. You can, too!

Social media is HOT!

Millions and millions of people from all around the world are getting in on the social media action on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

If used properly, social media can be one of your most cost effective and productive marketing tools. Here are 8 social media tips that will have you marketing like a pro:

  • First, decide on what approach you are going to take with social media marketing. What is your main objective? Do you want to build your brand? Drive traffic and make more sales? Is reputation management key in your use of social sites? Do you want to become an influencer within your niche? Or maybe, as is more likely, you want to combine all of these things. Decide which points are paramount with you and focus your energies and efforts in that direction.

  • Make yourself an authority in your niche. Research has shown that people like getting good info that is authoritative, informational and correct. So, be an educator about your products. Be the Yoda of your niche. It will pay off as visitors come back again and again to get the answers they need.

  • Interact with your audience. Internet analysis has shown time and again that online users love to interact. Let your fans and followers have their say! Polls are a good thing, as are surveys where your friends and followers can make their opinions count.

  • While it’s all well and good to ask people to like you on Facebook, trying liking them back. Most businesses don’t so this and they’re missing a valuable opportunity to spread and expand their influence on the site.

  • Don’t just blab about your business and bore people senseless with too much sales hype---listen. Listen to what others have to say and engage in an actual two way conversation with them.

  • Create and then develop your mission statement. Wikipedia says that a company’s mission statement is its reason for being, its existence. Have a strong and memorable mission statement and stick with it first and foremost. For example, if your mission statement is to interest people who go camping because you dropship camping supplies, your mission statement should be about camping.

  • Be consistent with your posts and content. You can’t get on any of the social sites every once in a while and expect your social media marketing to be effective. Post something at least every day. Make sure it’s good content that offers something of value to others. Again, if you dropship camping gear, maybe you could have campfire recipes, tips and tricks for setting up a tent, a bit about some great campgrounds, or other content along that line.

  • Blogging is social media and an excellent platform to establish your voice, as well as generate valuable content. You can interact with others through comments, too. It’s a great way to get your fans and followers to “follow” you back to your website, as well.

Use these social media marketing tips for your dropshipping business and help it grow!

7 Tips for Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Dropship Business

social media marketing dropship busienss
Those who though (and said) that sites such as Facebook would be a 7 Days Wonder are having to eat those thoughts and words now that we have all seen their effectiveness for ecommerce, so you might appreciate 6 tips to help grow your dropship business.

Social media marketing isn’t rocket science. If you have been holding back, fearing that you aren’t enough of a computer guru to master the techniques needed to market your home dropship business effectively---get on board, you can do it!

With just a little know-how and some good work ethics, you can harness the awesome power of social media to help grow your online business.

Here are 6 tips to help you use social media marketing to grow your dropship business:

1. Once you have decided which social site you want to use for marketing, set about making your presence there as effective as possible. For example, if you want to tap into some of the 800 million Facebook users, set up a good Fan Page for your dropship business. Make it as good as it can be! There are a slew of free apps to help you make a killer Fan Page, so use one or more of them and make your page one that people will want to visit, like, and refer to others.

2. Be consistent and post fresh, relevant, valuable content on a regular basis, preferably every day. You can’t simply build a Facebook Fan Page, or establish a Twitter identity, and then abandon it. Google crawls these sites in real time, remember, so make sure your page gets indexed by providing new content fairly frequently.

3. Don’t be too personal on your social media marketing sites that you’re using to grow your dropship business. You want to be personable, likable and all of that---but leave off stuff that delves too deeply into your off-line, personal life. This means not announcing that you and your significant broke up or that you won the beer drinking contest at your local bar or anything along those lines. It’s unprofessional and will drive people away.

4. If you’re using Facebook for social media marketing, be sure to use Facebook Insights. These analytics of your Fan Page are free and can provide you with very valuable info about trends in user growth, demographics and more.

5. If Twitter is one of your main social media marketing platforms, be sure to update content frequently and find people to follow who might be interested in your niche products. Quality instead of quantity is key to successful social media marketing on any social site. To keep up with what you’re doing right or wrong, use the free tool, Twittercounter, that furnishes you with intel about your growth (or lack of) in followers for a 90 day period.

6. Don’t buy fans or followers! This is one of the biggest mistakes ecommerce entrepreneurs tend to make when engaging in social media marketing. Facebook is already actively working to expose and remove faux likes from pages, and Twitter is doing the same. If you try to inflate your numbers this way, you will invariably be found out and instead of helping your business, it will hurt it.

Use these 6 tips for social media marketing to grow your dropship business and start shifting your sales into high gear!

10 FREE Social Media Marketing Tools for a Dropship Business

social media dropship businessIf you aren’t harnessing the awesome power of social media marketing to grow your dropship business, you’re missing the boat!

Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest are HOT. Internet stats have shown over and over again that social media marketing can definitely help an ecommerce or other business, so you definitely need to get on board with your dropship business right away.

There are a wealth of tools available online to help with your dropship business social media marketing and many of them are free, which makes them even better.

Here are 10 FREE social media marketing tools for your dropship business:

1. Social Mention: You need to know what is being said about your dropship business and products online! With this handy free listening tool, you can keep an ear to the ground and find out exactly who is saying what, where. You can get real time alerts about not only your own business, but your competitors as well----very useful info!

2. WordPress: Since a blog for your dropship business is social media, treat yourself to a tour of WordPress and check out all the fabulous free apps they have to make blogging easy as pie!

3. Tweet Deck: Tweet Deck by Twitter is a wonderful dashboard social media marketing tool. You can arrange your feeds into customizable columns, schedule tweets, monitor and manage unlimited Twitter accounts, stay up to date with notification alerts for new trends.

4. Disqus: This great tool helps you manage your blog comments. It’s all in real time, which can be a tremendous help in responding to comments quickly and interacting with your readers. One of the main benefits of a blog for your dropship business is interacting with readers, so being able to do it in real time is a boon, indeed.

5. Tweet Reach: Tweet Reach can help measure the impact of your social media marketing and campaigns on Twitter. You can generate reports based on almost anything, including keywords, user names, tweet texts, URLs and more. Quite useful in getting an idea of how far your tweet traveled.

6. Hoot Suite: This social media marketing tool has been around for a while and is a tried and true way of helping you with your dropship business efforts on the social scene. There are paid plans and a free plan. Basically, it seems that the free plan has everything a small ecommerce home business would need. You get free reports, message scheduling, 5 social profiles, 2 RSS/atom feeds, unlimited apps and more.

7. Facebook Insights: This free tool can be a huge help in seeing and understanding who is a fan, tracking your growth and impact, as well as helping you to reach the right audience for your niche.

8. Twitalyzer: As with HootSuite, there are pad plans and a free version of this great tool and the free version should suit your dropship business purposes nicely. There are a variety of analytics that will come in handy, plus demographic data and more.

9. Topsy: Love this free social media marketing tool! Simply type what you want to know about into the search box and find out what’s trending. A good way to keep your finger on the pulse of social media.

10. Google Analytics Social Reports: If you are already using Google Analytics, consider this a bonus---a nice and very helpful bonus. According to Google, here’s the scoop on this handy tool: “Social reports help you measure the impact social media has on your business goals and conversions. Integrated web and social data provides a holistic view of your content and community.”

Use these 10 free social media marketing tools to help build and grow your dropship business!

Social Media Marketing 101 for Your Home Dropship Business

social media marketing dropship businessAre you ready to try social media marketing to promote and build your home dropship business?

If so, it’s a good idea to learn at least a few of the basics of this type of marketing. It can be hugely successful, or you can blunder in unprepared and really put your foot in it, basically self sabotaging your chances of doing good for your online business.

There were naysayers in the beginning of the whole social media craze that said social media marketing would be a flash in the pan, a seven day wonder that would be here today and gone tomorrow. As we have seen, this is not the case at all. Far from it, in fact. Social sites are booming and their popularity doesn’t seem in any danger whatsoever of waning in the foreseeable future. So, it seems safe to predict that social media marketing will continue to be a great way to make your dropship business successful.

Not Rocket Science

Although social media marketing isn’t rocket science, there are some ins and outs, do and don’ts, things to keep in mind when you embark on it as part of your ecommerce marketing strategy.

Contrary to what you may think, you don’t have to be a real whiz with techie stuff to do an adequate or even super great job of using the social platform to grow your home dropship business. If you go about it the right way, it won’t even take too terribly much time.

Getting Started with Social Media Marketing

Here are some tips to help you get started in social media marketing for your home dropship business:

  • First things first: decide which social communities you want to focus on before you get started. While there are a bunch of social sites on the internet, you can’t reasonably expect to work all of them and do it well. So, choose two or three that seem best suited to your niche and go from there. The three most popular social sites at the moment are Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Don’t succumb to the temptation to fly in there and accrue as many fans and followers as possible just to beef up your numbers. Instead, look around at some of the groups on these platforms and try to interact with the ones that seem most likely to have a genuine interest in your niche. Quality counts for a lot more than quantity!

  • Listen more than you talk. This is a biggie! Yes, you want to establish yourself as an authority within your niche for your dropshipping business, but you’ll score more points with other users if you do more listening than talking. When you do talk, say something of value to others. It might be a promotion, a coupon, even a funny storey…the main idea is to offer something valuable in some way.

  • Be sure to incorporate SEO into your social media marketing. Google is picking up social media stuff in real time these days, so the more valuable, SEO rich content you provide via a social channel; the better your rankings in search engine rankings.

  • Use videos when and where you can. People love videos! You can make simple videos that are sufficient to your marketing purposes that will help build your brand and drive traffic to your dropship business. How-to videos are especially popular and if you can lighten them up with a bit of humor, so much the better.

  • Polls are a great way to interact with others on social sites. Internet research has shown conclusively that people like to make their voice and opinions heard, so let them do that!

These tips can help you get started in social media marketing for your home dropship business.

3 Ways Social Media Marketing can Grow Your Dropship Business

dropship business social media marketingEcommerce merchants of all sizes---big box stores along with those who operate a small home dropship business---are using social media marketing to grow sales and revenue.

You can, too!

Social media and popular communities such as Facebook and Twitter have enjoyed a meteoric burst of popularity all around the world since first coming onto the online scene,

According to recent stats, Facebook has approximately 1 billion users, 600 million mobile users, more than 42 million pages and 9 million applications.

Twitter has more than 500 million users, or half a billion. Not as staggering as Facebook’s totals, but impressive nonetheless.

There are other much frequented social communities besides these two giants and you might want to expand your presence to some or all of them if you have the time and energy to do so. However, Facebook and Twitter should be your top priorities for marketing your ecommerce dropship business.

Ways of Using Social Media to Boost Sales

There are many, many ways you can harness the power of social media to help build your brand and increase traffic and sales in your online dropshipping home business.

Here are 3 ways that using social media to drive traffic and boost sales will net you great benefits:

I. Considering the millions of active social media users, reaching a fraction of them can mean big jumps in your traffic and hence, sales. Since many or even most of these people have a circle of influence that includes, friends, relatives, coworkers and just acquaintances, your interaction with each of them will have a ripple effect similar to dropping a pebble into a pool of water, widening out and encompassing many more than the original person. This is manna from heaven for you, a hungry entrepreneur who wants and needs sales!

II. Maintaining a presence on one of the social sites like Facebook and Twitter can work wonders as great PR for your dropship business. This is a wonderful platform for keeping an ear to the ground and finding out firsthand what people are saying about your business and/or your dropship products. If it’s good---that’s super. You can get a lot of mileage from the friends of your Facebook fans, along with Twitter followers, in spreading the good word. If it’s bad, you can learn about it quickly and act to maintain and minimize the damage to your reputation. This is a tremendous benefit for any online merchant!

III. Social media sites offer a free means of having contests and promotions that will attract new fans and followers, plus get your existing fans and followers to share and retweet these events. Internet research has shown time and time again that online users crave interactive experiences and that they want to make their voices heard. Having a poll or survey on Facebook is a fantastic way of giving people what they want while building your brand and promoting your online dropship business.

These are only 3 ways that using social media marketing can reap big dividends for your ecommerce dropship business, so get busy and get on the social bandwagon today!

Dropship News: Pinterest Drive Ecommerce Sales


drophip ecommerce PinterestIf you have an online dropship business and haven’t heard of Pinterest, it’s time to get with the program because this social site drives ecommerce sales!

Did you know that Pinterest, a relative newcomer to the social site scene---has already become the third most popular social network?

Did you know that, according to a study of 25,000 Shopify online stores conducted by Shopify, referral traffic from Pinterest to Shopify stores is equal to that of traffic coming from Twitter?

Or that shoppers are 10% more likely to make a purchase if they’re referred from Pinterest as compared to shoppers who are referred from other social sites?

Or that, in addition, the average purchase is $80---an amount that is double the average purchase resulting as a referral from Facebook?

No doubt about it, Pinterest has already become a major player in ecommerce!

Why You Should Use Pinterest

When you use Pinterest seems to be pretty important, according to internet research. For example, recent studies have shown that if you pin on Saturday, your dropship product is more likely to go viral. This makes sense when you stop and think that the majority of people are off work and out of school on Saturdays.

Here are some more interesting factoids about Pinterest that should be valuable info for anyone with an ecommerce business:

  • The daily number of Pinterest users has increased by over 145% since
Jan 1, 2012.

  • 32% of online shoppers have made a purchase based on what they’ve
seen on Pinterest.

  • Pins with prices get 36% more likes than those without.

  • 59% percent of pinners are women between 25 and 40 years of age.

  • Women make up 90% of the Pinterest population.

According to statistics from Bizrate Insights, 69% of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they have gone on to buy or wanted to buy, compared with 40% of Facebook users.

70% of people said they went to Pinterest for purchasing inspiration this purpose, while only 17% went to Facebook for this reason.

Check out these infographics:


dropship sales Pinterest

And this one:


dropship Pinterest

Here are some more interesting stats from the AllFacebookBlog:

  • People use Facebook (50%) and Pinterest (51%) to connect with people who have similar tastes.
  • To keep up with trends, more people chose Pinterest (67%) over Facebook (22%.)
  • 43% of people surveyed preferred Pinterest to associate with retailers or brands; 24% chose Facebook.
  • 55% of people said they’ve repinned an item, compared with 37% of Facebook users who said they’ve shared an item.

This seems like ample evidence that you should make Pinterest a priorit
for your ecommerce dropship business!

How to Let Pinterest Increase Sales

One of the most important things you can do to let Pinterest increase
your ecommerce dropship sales is to add a Pinterest button next to every
one of your products.

If you want to add the price, which you certainly should, just put the
price in the product description. That way, a header will appear with the price over the pin.

Pinterest has had a meteoric rise to stardom, with a network of 23.4 million last July. This is equal to 10% of all internet users!

Get on Pinterest now and start leveraging its fast growing popularity to increase your dropship ecommerce business sales!

Social Media Marketing for Your Online Dropship Business


social media marketing dropship business

If you’re looking around for good ways to increase sales and revenue, here’s a hot tip: social media marketing for your dropship business is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your site, promote your business and build your brand!

Have you held back from engaging in social media marketing because you think it might be a passing fad?

Social Media is Here to Stay

While nobody can predict with 100% accuracy what will happen in the future, it seems fairly definite that social media is here to stay.

Social sites and communities have opened new vistas to internet users and the chances of people giving them up are slim to none. As a matter of fact, rather than losing ground, social sites continue to grow by leaps and bounds as time goes on!

Look at this data from Edison Research about the rise of social media membership on various sites:

Facebook has a Huge Affect on Purchase Decisions

In 2011, 68% of Americans currently using social sites said that these communities had no influence on their purchasing decisions. Now, in 2012, only 36% denied these sites have an influence on buying decisions. 47% of people surveyed said that Facebook has the greatest affect on buying behavior, which is an increase from 24% last year.

Users to Follow Brands on Social Sites Increases 106%

From 2010 to 2012, the percentage of Americans following a certain brand on a social site has risen from 16% to 33%. This is a big increase! On the other hand, it means that two-thirds of Americans currently active on social networks don’t now and have never followed a brand. So, lots of potential and room for growth here!

The Fastest Growing Age Group in Social Media  

Facebook isn‘t just for kids! The largest growth in a group of face book members from last year to this year was the 45-54 year-olds. Actually, studies show that 55% of Americans 45-54 now have a profile on a social networking site.

The only group that is somewhat below average, as far as of  participation on social sites, are the senior Americans who are 55 and older. Still, 3 out of 10 people in this age group are on the social networking scene and that number is rising.


Social Media Statistics 45 to 54 year old users  resized 600

54% of Facebook Users Access the Site via a Mobile Device

54% of Facebook members have used the social network via a mobile device and one-third use a mobile device as their primary way to access Facebook. What does this tell you about the importance of making sure your dropship business is mobile friendly?

Social Networking is Addicting



Social Media Statistics 22 percent of Americans have social habit resized 600

Social networking is habit forming. During the past year, 12 million more Americans are using social sites several times a day than last year. In fact, 22% of users visit a social site many times a day.

These stats should be sending you a clear message: Millions upon millions of people from all over the world are active on social sites and to build your dropship business, you should be using the power of social media marketing!

Be a Smart Dropshipper: Social Networking Sites Boost Sales

dropshippers social networkingBe a smart dropshipper: social networking sites can help build your brand and boost sales to make your home business in ecommerce a huge success!

This is the age of the social sites. Savvy drop shippers know this and have jumped on the bandwagon with social media marketing, undoubtedly one of the most cost effective and efficient types of marketing if you want bang for your buck.

If you think only kids use Twitter, MySpace and Facebook---think again!

Millions of people are using these sites and a lot of them are for promotion of a business or company. Although there is a bit of ground work to do and you will need to put in some time familiarizing yourself with the Dos and Don’ts of social networking sites for marketing purposes; it isn’t rocket science and you can soon master the fundamentals to at least get you started.

Social Media Stats

Here are some factoids and stats about social media marketing that you might find interesting and applicable to your dropshipping business:

  • Facebook is widely considered the most important social media lead generation tool for B2C (Business to Customer) marketers, with 77% saying they have gotten a new customer through Facebook.

  • 60% of B2C marketers say they have acquired a new customer via a business blog, which is also considered social media marketing.

  • For B2B (Business to Business) companies, LinkedIn has proven the most effective, with 65% saying they got a new customer through this professional social network. Company blogs ran a close second at 60%,   Facebook at 43% and Twitter bringing up the rear with a not unimpressive 40%.
Source: Marketing Charts 

And More:

Janrain, a social Web user management platform provider, recently released its Social Identity study with the research conducted by Blue Research. Here are some results:

  • Offering a “social” sign-in on your website may just net you more customers and sales. A social login means that visitors are able to login to your website using their Facebook, Twitter, or another existing social network sign-in info.

  • 86% of respondents reported being bothered by the need to create new accounts at websites and said they would actually change their behavior:
54% might leave the site and not return
26% would go to a different site if possible
6% would just simply leave or avoid the site
14% would not complete the registration\

  • 88% admitted to supplying incorrect information or leaving form fields incomplete (this result should come as no surprise to marketers). This figure is up from 76% in last year’s study

  • 90% admitted to leaving a website if they couldn’t remember their login details rather than taking the time to recover their login information. This figure is up from 45% in 2010

The study also found that even though website visitors are becoming more frustrated with traditional marketing, they are becoming more open to using social identities for website registration.

In fact, 77% responded that social login is “a good solution that should be offered,” with 41% preferring social login over creating a new user account or using a guest account.
Source: Marketing Sherpa

This probably gives you an idea of just how very powerful social network sites are these days and why it would benefit your reshipping business to get started with social media marketing ASAP!

With the holidays coming up, this is a prime time to work every angle of marketing you possibly can.

Be a smart dropshipper: social networking sites boost sales!

5 Marketing Tips & Tricks for Your Online Dropshipping Business

online dropshipping businessIf you want to make more sales and therefore, more money, you might be interested in some marketing tips and tricks for your online dropshipping business.

Online Marketing 101

Marketing is essential for any business, online or off. That being said, online marketing is different in many ways than what would be done for a traditional brick and mortar business.

With an ecommerce business, all of your sales are online, so you must gear your marketing efforts toward the online community of shoppers.

Here are 5 tried and true marketing tips for your online dropshipping business:

  • I. Keep your eye on the ball---What does this mean? It’s simple. Your main goal is to make sales. So, your focus should be on that more than anything else. Before you get all carried away with cutesy pages and overly long content that really doesn’t do one thing to advance visitors toward a purchase and checkout; remember that your overriding concern is to sell, sell, sell. Anything that detracts from that or doesn’t keep things moving toward that desired outcome when a visitor enters your sales funnel is extraneous and should be done away with. You don’t need it. Keep your eye on the ball and your goal of selling products.

  • II. Think like a customer---What would you be looking for on your website or listing page if you were a customer? What would you expect to find? While there may be multiple answers to these questions, there are some givens that will apply to almost every visitor to your listings or web pages. People want to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, be given enough information about it to make a purchasing decision, and then a fast checkout. Cut and dried. So, have a friend or relative browse your site as though they were a potential customer and go all the way through checkout. (You can void the sale, don’t worry.) If they run into problems or hit any snags, you need to correct the situation post haste.

  • III. SEO is important for marketing---You may hear rumors that SEO is dead since Google has rolled out the Panda and Penguin updates. Don’t believe them, SEO is alive and kicking, and you need to use it wisely for best marketing of your online dropshipping business. Make sure you use prime keywords in titles, descriptions, alt tags, image tags, the whole enchilada. Using great SEO will make it much easier for your online dropshipping business products to be picked up by the search engine bots and get you ranked high in SERPs, or Search Engine Result Pages. So, be sure to utilize correct SEO.

  • IV. Use product reviews---Internet retail research has shown that online consumers love reviews. As more and more people are turning to the internet for shopping, they are getting smarter and a lot savvier about checking out products by reading user reviews before buying. Don’t cheat on your reviews! If you’re selling a product that gets consistently bad reviews, you need to quit selling that product and replace it with a better performer. Be sure to let shoppers know when you do this. It boosts confidence if people see that you’re posting honest reviews and that you’re listening to what buyers have to say about your products and taking appropriate action accordingly, if need be.

  • V. Use a mixture of marketing methods---There is a world of opportunity online for someone willing to put in a little work on social media marketing and email marketing. In many cases, these types of marketing won’t even cost you anything because you may be able to do all of it yourself. But, even if you have to hire a freelancer to write your emails, for instance, the increased sales will make it well worth the expense.

Use these marketing tips and tricks to boost sales in your online dropshipping business!
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