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3 eBay Dropshipping Mistakes That Can Cost You Money!

warning sign resized 600If you have an eBay dropshipping business, you might appreciate finding out about 3 common mistakes that can cost you a lot of money over time.

Some dropshippers don’t do all that well on eBay and mistakenly believe that it is just how it is, having read or heard that success with dropshipping on eBay is nigh on to impossible.

Heads up, eBay dropshippers! This is not true! The fact is that there are a lot of successful drop shippers on eBay. They aren’t easy to spot because they don’t advertise that they are dropshipping, and why should they? The successful drop shippers on eBay blend right in with all of the other sellers, which is as it should be.

You can dropship on eBay and make a very comfortable living doing so, if you play your cards right and avoid these 3 costly mistakes.

I. Poor customer service: This is an all too common failing of eBay sellers in general and it can take you down! Just because you are selling on eBay instead of your own website doesn’t give you a free pass to skip providing excellent customer service. Remember, the bottom line is that they are YOUR customers, not eBay’s. If you want to succeed and stay on eBay, you will have to be diligent about taking care of your buyers. Contrary to what some sellers say, the problem buyer on eBay is the exception rather than the rule. The majority of your customers will be reasonable, honest, decent people. There are a few bad apples, of course, but giving these crabby customers great service is one way of helping to avoid any unpleasantness. Do provide tracking info. Do answer all messages promptly and courteously---before and after the sale. Do include a simple “Thank You” with every invoice.

II. Lousy titles, descriptions and poor images: Some of the titles on eBay are so bad that one has to wonder how the sellers ever manage to sell anything at all. Just browse the listings in any category and you’ll see the proof of this. For example, in Vintage Textiles, a title for what was presumably a chenille bedspread---”Senile Bedspread.” Really? Bedspreads can get senile or is it the seller who is senile? Or this one that is seen fairly often in the Vintage Lingerie category---”Satan Nightgown” instead of what is surely meant to be a satin nightgown. These kinds of mistakes will cost you sales because most shoppers don’t want to deal with somebody who is obviously incompetent, thinking that they aren’t trustworthy. As for descriptions and images, there is a general rule of thumb that will serve you well---Write your descriptions as though there are no photos and have your photos as though there are no descriptions. You get the idea. You absolutely must give online shoppers enough information to make a buying decision and your images and descriptions are the only way to do this.

III. Have hostile terms and policies or too many terms and policies: People simply do not like this. You can find them in many eBay listings and some are so off-putting that any reasonably normal person will hit the back button and get out of there. Who wants to do business with someone who comes across as having the personality of a puff adder? Those terms and conditions that go on and on ad nauseum about all the things the seller will not tolerate and reason they won’t refund are hogwash anyway for the simple reason that if a buyer isn’t happy, they can file a dispute with eBay or Paypal and usually get their money back very quickly, with a minimum of fuss and bother. You won’t scare off the scammers and crooks that are out to cheat you because they get the benefit of the doubt with Paypal and eBay by virtue of being the customer. All you will succeed in doing is scaring away good buyers who wouldn’t have caused you a minute’s worth of trouble. So, don’t do this. Short and sweet should be your guidelines for terms and conditions.

Avoid these 3 eBay dropshipping mistakes and you can have a lucrative career as part of this mammoth global marketplace!


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