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6 Tips to Help Optimize Checkout & Increase Dropship Business Sales

checkout optimization dropship busienssIf you are like just about everybody else in ecommerce, you are always looking for ways to increase sales, so you might appreciate these 6 tips to help optimize checkout for your dropship business.

Checkout is critically important! In what is called the “sales funnel”, checkout is the place where a large percentage of shopping carts are abandoned and sales are lost. Therefore, if you want to have a high conversion rate and improve your chances of making more sales and money---streamline and tweak your checkout to be as good as it can possibly get.

Here are 6 tips that will help you have a champion checkout:

1. Stick with the essentials only. The cleaner and more focused you can keep your checkout page, the better. You should strive for simple, uncluttered and streamlined. No frills or extras for checkout. Just the bare necessities. This will not only speed up the process, it will help to keep the shopper focused on completing the purchase. Have as few steps as you possibly can from beginning to end of checkout.

2. Be sure to have a progress bar or indicator that shoppers can plainly see. This tells them where they are in the buying process and again---helps keep their eye on the ball, figuratively speaking.

3. Do not try to get shoppers to opt-in to your email marketing subscription list, provide their birthday, phone number or any other extraneous details. Yes, it would be nice to have that info, but it can wait until after checkout is complete and the sale is made. Don’t force anyone to register, either. Some people don’t want to go through all that and will leave without completing the sale, so allow people to checkout as a guest.

4. Offer multiple payment options. Paypal is highly popular and you might be surprised at how it could increase your sales if you allow shoppers to use it for checkout. Ditto for Google Wallet, although it isn’t as much in use as Paypal. People like Paypal because (a) it’s fast and (b) there is no need to enter all of their payment info because it is already there. You may also want to offer shoppers the option of paying by check or money order. Some consumers still prefer these traditional forms of payment.

5. According to internet research and KISSmetrics, http://blog.kissmetrics.com/shopping-cart-abandonment/  44% of online shoppers abandon a shopping cart because of shipping and handling fees. That’s a LOT! Nearly half if all shoppers, in fact. So, it would be a strategic move on your part to factor the shipping cost into your price and offer free shipping. This, in itself, would greatly increase sales!

6. One of the biggest obstacles ecommerce entrepreneurs must overcome is the doubt and insecurity many online shoppers feel about buying on the internet. To offset this problem, be sure to display your trust and safety symbols prominently on your checkout page. Ditto for your site security symbols. Show your SSL certificates and badges so that shoppers know their payment and personal data is secure. If you are a member of the BBB, display that symbol, as well. Building trust will play a huge part in reducing shopping cart abandonment.

Use these 6 tips to help optimize checkout and increase dropship business sales!


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