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5 Tips to Using Google Adwords For a Home Dropship Business


Google adwords dropship businessGoogle Adwords might be immensely benefical in helping an ecommerce visionary drive traffic and increase an ecommerce home dropship business sales!

Be that as it may, keeping in mind the end goal is to get a high CTR, or Click Through Rate, you might as well make a point to utilize Adwords in such a way as to maximize the benefits of your marketing dollars.

Here are 5 tips for utilizing Google Adwords adequately:

1. Make your point stand out by underlining! Underlining the first letters in your first line of a PPC ad will make the message carry more weight and get faster recognition. This applies as well to your URL- -underline your dropship website address to make it clickable and eye popping.

2. Utilizing numbers as a part of your PPC ads will gather more attention than no numbers. Why? Based on a lot of web research, individuals love seeing numbers that let them know precisely what amount they will be saving if they click through to your site. For instance, you may say this: Save 50% On Pet Supplies!

3. Bolding the most significant word or statements in your PPC ad is also a great idea to catch a viewer’s attention. Here is an example of bolding that works: Computers On Sale, or Free Shipping Today Only.

4. Creating a feeling of urgency is one of the most ideal approaches to enhance your Click Through Rate for PPC ads. You may say something like this: Huge Sale on Patio Umbrellas While Supplies Last.

5. Keep in mind that you should emphasize viewer benefits in your PPC advertisement. People are a lot more interested in how your products will solve a problem for them or help them in some way than in the merits of the widget itself.

If done correctly, you can use Google Adwords to help build your online home dropship business. But, here is a tip that might be quite advantageous to you: Try to stay away from the most often used keywords within your niche.

Why? For one thing, you will certainly have to pay more of these popular keywords and another reason is that you will have too much competition that way.

Instead, be creative…think outside the box and try to put yourself in the place of an online shopper who is performing a Google search for something they want. For instance, if you are dropshipping dog beds, instead of trying to buy Google Adwords for that keywords phrase, try something like this instead “Sherpa Dog Beds” or “Washable Dog Beds.”

You get the idea.

Sometimes, in fact probably a lot of the time, online shoppers will make their search terms more specific, so you should take a leaf out of their book and do the same. This will also help you get better targeted traffic and should work to decrease your bounce rate. Since Google rewards sites with high conversion rates, decreasing your bounce rate or abandoned shopping carts will reap you multiple benefits.

Try using Google AdWords creatively to build your ecommerce home dropship business today!


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