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Tools For eBay Sellers To Boost Sales

To increase sales on eBay, you need to do some research first!

A lot of hopeful internet entrepreneurs become eBay sellers thinking they are going to become Powersellers almost immediately.

Some of them do rise to the top quickly and become Powersellers.

But some of them do not.

What is the difference between the successful group who start selling on eBay and begin making a lot of sales right off the bat, and the group who begins with high hopes and then fizzles out into obscurity, limping along with a few straggling sales here and there instead of becoming Powersellers?

Many times, the difference is that the successful group did some research first and analyzed various pertinent factors about selling on eBay to learn what to sell, how much to sell it for and when to sell it---and the other group who rapidly sunk to the bottom and stayed there didn’t.

Now, you might be satisfied with being a bottom feeder on eBay and only getting the sales that the top sellers didn’t get, the ones that somehow trickled on down to you.

But you probably wouldn’t be satisfied with this scenario, and who could blame you?

To ensure that you carve a niche for yourself at the top with the successful sellers, you will have to do what they did and what they continue to do in order to stay on top once they‘ve gotten there: Research and analyze!

Knowledge is power. Information is power. The more you know and the more information you can gather and assimilate about your market, the more powerful you will be in sales.

For instance, research has shown that, based on eBay trends and buying activity, certain items perform best at various times of the day or on various days or during different seasons.

Some of this is just plain old common sense. If your market niche is Christmas related items, obviously the Christmas holiday season is going to be the hottest and best time for you to market your wares. Since a lot of buyers plan and buy for Christmas all year round, no doubt you would still make some sales even during the off season. But your main sales would be between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you only sold Christmas related items, then, you would probably need to plan on quite a few leaner months between holidays every year.

Knowing what to sell and when to sell it is an immensely valuable piece of knowledge for an eBay seller, as is having a ballpark figure regarding what price you can reasonably expect to get for your items.  It is possible to do all the research yourself, but it would be a laborious, time consuming process.

There are several good services available at reasonable prices that will do all the analytics and valuable research for you. Here are two:

  • Terapeak: Plans start at $24.95. Provides analytics and research data on everything you really need to know about what is selling on eBay.

  • Hammertap: Plans start at $19.95 and provide basically the same type of tools available through Terapeak.

Both of these are highly effective tools for an eBay seller to use. If you are a small seller who mostly sells in a niche category such as vintage or collectible items, using one of these services probably wouldn’t be of much benefit to you.

But if you are already a high volume seller, or hoping to be, then it might be very much worth your while to make a small investment in either one of these or a similar service that will keep you constantly abreast of the hottest selling items, seasonal trends, competitor sellers, best times to end your auctions and much more.


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