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Internet Business Drop Ship Wholesale Products: Sports Equipment

Internet business sales of sports and related equipment rose in 2008 and during the first three quarters of 2009.

Although the niche market of sports and related accessories and equipment showed a slight decline in traditional brick and mortar stores last year, according to retail market studies, internet sales in this category increased by almost 12%!

What does this mean for the internet entreprenuer?

A golden opportunity to cash in on the rising trend toward online sales of sporting goods and the world-wide popularity of this niche market!

People all over the world love sports and related activities. For wholesale products that would be a sure-fire winner in your internet drop ship business, sports and sporting good equipment and supplies would be hard to beat!

The various types of products in this category number in the thousands. When you consider how many different sports there are, and also how many sporting activities such as fishing, hunting, etc---the sky is the limit for potential sales!

Right now, as a savvy netrepreneur, you will probably want to focus your marketing activities in this category toward summer and warm weather sports.

But even for seasonal sales possibilities, the list is almost endless!

Golf, water sports and boating, camping, fishing, tennis, baseball, softball and so much more are all examples of big sellers during this spring and summer season.

One developing trend is what retail analysts are calling “staycations.”

This is basically a “stay-at-home-vacation.” Many people are taking staycations instead of traditional vacations because of high prices at the pumps and the national recession in general.

So, this trend might definitely be something that you will want to think about capitalizing on in your online business.

Studies show that people are spending more on fun things they can do at home. This includes outdoor games and activities such as horseshoes, croquet, badminton, swimming pools and accessories, etc.

If you aren’t already actively marketing this type of sports and home sports related products on your website, you should be giving it some thought.

Many good drop shippers carry a wide variety of sporting goods and sports related supplies and equipment on their wholesale product lists. Tale a look around and do some research into exactly which products are the best sellers in this niche market.

Since you won’t have to store the products yourself if you’re drop shipping, you can stock your virtual shelves with a broad variety of products to cover the particular tastes or interests of a wide spectrum of shoppers.

The increase in internet sales in the sports and sporting goods categories is a huge opportunity for the online entrepreneur!

Think about what type of wholesale products in this niche you might sell for the trendy “staycations.”

Then make your selections from a drop shipper and start selling these popular items in your online store!


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