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3 Marketing Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Internet Business

Your internet business might be your bread and butter, and the last thing you want to do is harm it in any way.

But many entrepreneurs do hurt their online businesses without even realizing it!

Here are some common marketing mistakes you want to avoid:

Targeting The Wrong Market:
This is an all too common marketing mistake, and it’s a whopper. If you target a consumer audience that (A) wouldn’t be remotely interested in your product even if you gave it to them for free, or (B) target a group of consumers who can’t afford your product, then the end result will be no sales. All that advertising and promotional marketing of nothing because you have concentrated your marketing methods on the wrong group of people.

This would be much the same, for example, as taking out an ad in Quarter Horse Monthly selling racing bikes. Wrong audience. Chances are slim to none that you’d sell any bicycles from an ad on that particular website. It might be a nice, big, pretty ad---but it would still be a bust, because the readers of that magazine are into horses, not fancy racing bikes.

Another example would be taking out a full page color ad in the student newspaper at your local community college selling $200,000 Lamborghinis. Realistically speaking, what would be your chances of making many sales from this ad? Or any sales, for that matter?

Selling An Unproven Product You Haven’t Researched:

Huge mistake! You may think that your idea of mixing white beans and popcorn and marketing it as Thunder Corn is bound to sweep the nation like the hula hoop or the yoyo. But guess what? It might not.

If you went ahead and sunk a small fortune into marketing your Thunder Corn without doing the necessary research first, so that you could be reasonably certain it would appeal to a broad spectrum market of consumers---or at least a big enough niche market to be profitable---and it didn’t sell, where would you be?

Busted. Broke and out of business in a very short period of time, simply because you did not do your homework first and make sure the market was there for your product.

Before you sell anything that requires an initial investment and a big marketing campaign, do your homework! This even applies to drop ship products, because you don’t want to invest a lot of time and effort, not to mention expense, into advertising a product until you’re sure it is a viable product to sell.

Reinventing The Wheel:

Many times, internet entrepreneurs think that in order for a marketing campaign or strategy to succeed, it must be something completely new and different.

It doesn’t.

If you come up with something totally radical, brand new and innovative---fine. Give it a try. But in general, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for your marketing techniques to be effective.
The old tried-and-true advertising and marketing tips, techniques and ploys are still around because they work!

They’ve stood the test of time and are proven winners, producing results with a predictable level of success over and over again. It isn’t necessary to try and come up with something completely different. If you want to embellish a bit, tweak a little, rearrange some here and there, fine.

But don’t think that you have to come up with a whole new marketing idea for it to be effective and get results for you, because you don’t.

These are a few major marketing mistakes to avoid in your drop ship or other internet business.

While it’s important to know what to do, it’s often just as important to know what not to do!


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