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5 Easy Ways To Boost eCommerce Drop Ship Sales


eCommerce dropshipping sales are holding steady while the economy is in a decline.

But there is always room for improvement!

If you are an internet entreprenuer looking for a few pointers on how to increase sales, read on----

Identify Most Searched Products:
There are plenty of free tools on the internet, like Google Analytics, to help you track and chart which items your visitors are searching for on your website. If you don’t sell something that quite a few people are looking for, this is a big red flag to start selling it.

Plug Your Leaky Bucket Holes:
Track and analyze at exactly which point you are losing your visitors, and then set about plugging those holes where your sales are leaking out. If potential customers are cutting a trail when they get to your product pages, it might be time to take a good, long look at them to see why. It might be time for a re-design or a better, fresher look. If they get as far as checkout and then cut and run, reevaluate your checkout process. Anything over three steps is too long!

Evaluate Your Website Performance:

The average online viewer has the attention span of a fruit fly and a very short patience level. They do not like to be kept waiting, which is one of the reasons they shop online. If you are going to capture and engage the attention of an online consumer long enough to get him to buy from you---you had better be quick about it! This means testing your website to make sure it’s running at optimum speed, no broken links, no error messages, and so on.

Test Usability:

Some of the reasons for losing visitors before they become buyers may be due to your website’s usability. Check your navigation to make sure it is easy and user friendly, working properly, no errors, etc. Make sure that there are clear indicators on every page that let a viewer see where he is on your website.

Check Your Product Pages:

If you have determined that a lot of your poor conversion rate is a result of your product pages, then do a few test runs of different designs before you settle on a permanent replacement. Also, rewrite your copy in different variations and try out each one to see which is the most and least effective.  If you are in earnest about increasing your profit and revenue, implement a multivariate testing strategy.

Research Customer Trends:

This is akin to keeping up with your visitors are searching for on your website. By the same token, if you track and analyze the trends in which pages your customers tend to visit most and buy from the most, you’ll have a good idea of which products to up sell and cross sell on those pages.

Keep Most Popular Products Front and Center:
Not literally, of course. But do make sure that your best selling and most popular items are easy to find! If you can highlight at least 3 of the hot sellers at the top of your product pages for that category, sales will increase!

To keep your ecommerce business successful and growing, always stay on the lookout for ways to improve!


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