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What Is A Free Drop Shipper?

What exactly is a free drop shipper?

A free drop shipper is a supplier of wholesale products to a reseller. The supplier is referred to as a drop shipper. A free drop shipper does not charge you a fee to drop ship the products that you sell using their service.

The products themselves are not, of course, really free.

You do pay for the wholesale products as they are sold, but you don’t pay to have them packaged and shipped to your customers.

If you are thinking of beginning an online drop shipping business, and are still shopping around for a good, reputable wholesale dropshipper to supply your products---there are a few things you need to be wary about.

Check Out the Company:
Unfortunately, there are some scammers and rip-off artists on the World Wide Web who profit from the naiveté of others. So, when vetting a dropship supplier, don’t pay as much attention to what they say as what they do, and have done. Talk is cheap! Anybody could get online and make the claim that they’re the world’s best dropshipper with the lowest wholesale product prices and best service. But, saying it doesn’t make it true.

Check the BBB Online and see if the supplier is a member and if they have had a lot of complaints filed. If they have, this is a big red flag and you should proceed with caution, or better yet---turn around and run. Move on to the next possible dropshipper on your list.

Quality Control:

It’s hard to tell about the quality of a product when shopping online. Even if it is a well-known brand name, you should never sell anything that you haven’t actually seen in “real life.” For instance, you might be reselling Spalding basketballs and not realize that the ones you are getting from a supplier are “seconds” and defective in some way if you haven’t personally examined one. So do a bit of Quality Control and check every product yourself before you put it on your website and sell it to the public.

Check Out Customer Service:

Any business, yours or the drop shippers, is only as good as its customer service. So, before you make a commitment to a wholesale supplier, do a test run and check out their customer service. Send an email asking a question. Call the contact number for customer service, too. If your email and/or phone call wasn’t handled promptly and efficiently---cross that supplier’s name off your list and move on to the next one.

Find Out About Shipping Practices:
In dropshipping, you will be extremely dependent on your wholesale supplier to get your orders out promptly. Here again, the best way to test this is to order something and have it sent to yourself. If it isn’t packaged neatly and securely and doesn’t arrive with a tracking number in a reasonable length of time, File-13 this supplier, too, and move on down the list.

It may take a little longer this way to find a good drop ship supplier, but it will be worth the wait because when you finally settle on one, you’ll know it’s a company you can depend on!


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