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Avoid Start-Up Mistakes In Your Drop Ship Home Business

If you’re just in the start-up phase of your drop ship home business, you should be careful to avoid mistakes.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to make mistakes when beginning an ecommerce business, and even experienced internet entrepreneurs make mistakes.

So, as an ecommerce novice, it’s understandable that you could easily blunder along the way of getting your online business off the ground.

Here are a few pointers to help you avoid some common start-up mistakes:

Don’t Focus Too Much on Your Home Page:

True, your home page is very important. But it isn’t the be-all and end-all of your website. Too often, ecommerce websites place entirely too much emphasis on their home pages to the detriment of all their other web pages, and this is a mistake! Product pages are vitally important, as is your checkout page. You might be surprised to learn that according to internet analysts, a website’s home page represents less than 5% of all page views on the average ecommerce website. So, while a good home page is important, don’t neglect your other web pages.

Don’t Forget That Online Shoppers are Different:

A common mistake that many entrepreneurs make is forgetting that online shoppers are a different breed than shoppers in traditional brick and mortar stores. The biggest difference lies in commitment. Remember, a traditional shopper who goes out to shop at a real location actually has to make the effort to go there. Brick and mortar stores average approximately a 50% conversion rate, while ecommerce stores are doing pretty well if they manage a 3% conversion rate. Big difference, huh? It’s all based on the level of commitment. There is a lot more commitment to buying when someone gets in their car and drives to a regular store, than clicking a couple of times to visit a virtual establishment. Just as its much quicker and easier to get to an online store---it’s also quicker and easier to leave.

Don’t Spend All of Your Start-Up Money on Your Website:

You want a well laid out, professional looking online store, naturally. But don’t make the mistake of busting the bank on website design and development, so that there is little or nothing left for advertising and marketing! You might have a really beautiful, aesthetically designed and ultra efficient website….but if nobody knows about it, you won’t be selling much. Since your whole purpose in starting a home based drop shipping business is to make a tidy profit for yourself, knowing that you have a lovely website won’t be much consolation if you aren’t making any money on it.

Don’t Forget That Your Products are Virtual:

Never lose sight of the fact that your products are virtual! Forgetting that your visitors are unable to actually see or touch the items you are selling is a huge and extremely costly mistake. A good rule of thumb for online sales is this: Write every description as though there were no photos, and make every photo work as hard as if there were no descriptions.

Thousands of people from all walks of life have enjoyed tremendous success with home based dropshipping businesses! You can, too!

Not to worry---even if you do make a few mistakes, they can always be rectified. Which is another big advantage to online store vs. brick and mortar stores! If you make a mistake, for instance, in the layout or location of a brick and mortar store, fixing it will require a major amount of time, work and money. Not so with an internet business, but it’s still best to avoid mistakes when you can.


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