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The #1 Drop Shipping Myth Exposed


Drop shipping is a viable product sourcing solution with many benefits. Although it is a fairly common practice that has been around for decades, there are several myths about drop shipping.

You may have heard claims that drop shipping doesn’t work, or that drop shipping is a magic solution. These claims are false.

Drop shipping does work. Individuals and large corporations alike use drop shipping to build and grow successful businesses. While drop shipping is a lucrative option for some, it is not the perfect solution for everyone. Drop shipping works well for online sellers that want to sell brand name products in a variety of popular categories.

There is one drop shipping myth that is far more common than the aforementioned myths.

The #1 drop shipping myth: You will earn a six-figure income for very little work!

While it is entirely possible to earn a six-figure income drop shipping, it will take more than a little work. Drop shipping, just like any other business, takes time and effort to be successful. Products don’t sell themselves.

Drop shipping does make the selling process easier by eliminating time-intensive processes, such as finding new sources of products, managing inventory, and shipping orders; however, successful entrepreneurs spend the time saved from drop shipping on other tasks.

Building a successful business does not happen by chance or whim, it takes determination. You must research products and the marketplace to determine what is hot and what is not. You need to write persuasive sales copy, create appealing listings, quickly respond to buyer’s questions, and resolve selling issues in a professional manner.

Drop shipping provides aspiring entrepreneurs with an opportunity to start an online business. If you dream of selling products online, consider using a drop ship provider. Drop shipping minimizes the risk of selling products; if a product doesn’t sell, you don’t buy it. You don’t need a large amount of capital or a huge storage room to start selling online today. You don’t even have to ship orders. Drop shipping simplifies the selling process, so you can focus on landing sales.

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