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No Upfront Fees and Other Dropshipping Misconceptions


Many people have heard of dropshipping, but are unfamiliar with its workings. As a result, most of what they think they know about dropshipping is hearsay. This article counters some common misconceptions about dropshipping. Here is the truth about dropshipping.

  1. You can make good money dropshipping.
    Some people think the profit dropshippers make is so small that it is not worth the bother. On the contrary: dropshippers charge retail prices, but buy goods at wholesale prices. They also save a great deal on overhead costs like product maintenance and storage, which are taken care of by your provider. Dropshippers can also sell large quantities of goods, since their customers are not only individual end-users but other small retail businesses as well.
  2. Dropshipping does take some work.
    In some respects, dropshipping is easy. For example, you can work at home, and you do not have to worry about putting up a lot of capital. However, you do need to find a good provider, and you will also have to spend a lot of time constructing and updating your site, as well as tending to customers. It takes hard work and skill to do well at dropshipping.
  3. Dropshipping providers do have standards.
    This is because your providers are not necessarily the people who made the products. They, in turn, got their inventory from a supplier, who expects certain things from them in return. Many providers want to make sure that you will help them meet these requirements. They may ask you to order at least a certain quantity, or pay a lot of money right away. It might be hard to find a dropshipping provider who demands no upfront fees. Still, the amount of digging you will have to do is well worth it. Your relationship with your provider is very important. It will help you to keep your customers happy, and may even remain after you change the nature of the products you offer. Drop Shipping Access is a recommended provider, as the fee is low and there is a wide variety of goods you can choose to order.
  4. Dropshipping might not be the right option for everyone. There are certainly other ways to procure products to sell. However, dropshipping is ideal for people who are working alone, and who do not have a lot of capital to put up. The many good features of dropshipping make this option attractive to entrepreneurs who understand the real nature of the business, and have learned not to trust the myths about dropshipping—either positive or negative.

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