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Does Dropshipping Work? Plus: the Biggest Rumor About Dropshipping


We can say that dropshipping is a very popular and lucrative phenomenon. As such, it has been subject to a great deal of buzz and gossip—both accurate and false.

A number of mistaken notions have been passed around about dropshipping. One of these is that all the favorable buzz about it is a sham, and that it is virtually impossible to make a decent profit in the business.

The truth now: does dropshipping work? Here's the The #1 Drop Shipping Myth Exposed.

Yes, it does. Or, more accurately, it can. It has worked for many retail businesses: both for individuals and for large stores. In the case of individuals, the most profitable goods tend to be branded products and other popular goods for a particular target demographic. However, not everyone who tries dropshipping becomes successful.

This leads us to a rumor about dropshipping that is generating huge buzz: that you can supposedly earn hundreds of thousands of dollars while relaxing. Supposedly, dropshipping is the road to an effortless fortune.

Many favorable articles have been written about dropshipping, not without good reason. Dropshippers can earn huge amounts of money. However, it is possible for some entrepreneurs to take their belief in dropshipping too far, and enter the business thinking they can earn six figures effortlessly.

This is not the case. Dropshipping does take a lot of work, especially since many retail dropshipping businesses are run by individuals. Market research, site maintenance, customer service and other processes can be quite work-intensive if you have to do them all by yourself. You have to come up with text, pictures, media, search features and other things for your online store. Plus, you need to be able to solve the business problems that come your way. You, as a seller, take on a certain degree of responsibility, and both your provider and your clients will expect you to step up.

To reiterate, yes, you can make huge amounts of money dropshipping, but you will have to put in the time and effort to required to earn this money. The good news is that the nature of dropshipping makes your task significantly easier than it would be for other entrepreneurs. You do not need to spend money to store, preserve or clean your goods. You do not hazard your money, since customers pay you for goods before you order them from your provider. The effort and cash you save mean that you have a larger profit margin, plus more time to devote to the sales process.

If you are prepared to do the work, Drop Ship Access is ready to be your provider and give you a boost. Check out the website, and sign up for the free week-long trial!


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