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Google Apps: Tools to Improve Your Online Dropshipping Business

If you aren’t taking advantage of the fantastic tools offered by Google Apps to help improve your online dropshipping business---you’re missing the boat!

Anyone with an ecommerce business should definitely acquaint themselves with Google Apps.

Any netrepreneur should be focusing on collaboration, communication and coordination. Google Apps will help you cover all of these bases!

There are two types of Google Apps:

  1. Standard
  2. Premium

Let’s begin by taking a peek at the Standard version of Google Apps.

The standard version will accommodate up to 50 users, and comes equipped with four features:

  • Google Calendar: Helps you keep schedules organized

  • Google Docs: Helps you handle presentation and document sharing and collaboration

  • Google Mail: GMail, helps to handle internal as well as external communications, with a custom email that uses your domain name

  • Google Sites: Helps you to produce wiki-style sites for knowledge base archives and collaboration

There are additional features that may be added on as needed. Some features are only offered on the Google Apps Premium level, which costs $50 dollars a year. 

You may either enter your domain name of your drop ship business or purchase one through Google for $10 annually when you set up your standard account. 
Google Apps includes a handy mobile feature that will let you access everything from your mobile device, plus sync data to your mobile device. By adding the Chat feature, you can communicate with your contacts via Instant Message. 

Why would you want to use Google Apps?

Google Apps would be extremely useful to you in your ecommerce dropship business if:

  • You want to build a community, or group, of users. This would be quite helpful in allowing you to interact with consumers.

  • You need to be able to communicate and collaborate with a group of others who have different email and computer set-ups.

  • You want a solution that will accommodate a large number of users, and that is FREE.

  • You want a variety of tools that all coordinate with each other.

Check out Google Apps today, and put it to work helping you build and strengthen your ecommerce drop ship business! 


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