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Let Your eCommerce Dropshipping Business Promote YOU

You have probably been busily working at promoting your ecommerce dropshipping website, like other online entrepreneurs. But have you ever thought about letting your website promote you instead of the other way around?

Yes, it’s a rather novel approach, but if you do it right, it can be quite effective and boost your sales.

How can you let your website promote you?

First of all, think about your dropship website. 

What does your home page say when visitors arrive there through your front door?

What do your landing pages say when visitors land on them?

What is your overall conception of your business? What do you want your website to say about your business? 

If you put your thinking cap on and really put some serious thought into those questions, you will get a fairly good idea of how you perceive your business and how you want others to perceive it, as well. 

For instance, is your website more focused on selling unique, hard to find items? Or is it more about selling the same things lot of other competitors are selling, only at a lower price?

Does your website offer more promotions than most? Do you have the lowest priced shipping? Do you offer a fantastic Customer Loyalty Rewards program that sets you apart from the herd?

Whatever your “hook” may be---the thing that sets you above and beyond your competition---that hook should be the main thing your website says about your business as soon as a visitor lands there.

Don’t be shy or subtle about getting this message across! 

This is no time to hide your light under a bushel. Your home page or landing page from PPC or other marketing ads is the first thing people see when they come to your website. Those pages are the first impression a potential customer has of your business, and as with any other first impression…it needs to be a good one. 

You should boldly make it crystal clear what your business has to offer that is superior to any other online merchant selling the same product, and what you can do for the buyer that others can’t or won’t do.

Competition is fierce on the World Wide Web! Let your dropshipping website promote YOU and watch your sales soar!


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