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Facebook Apps That Will Boost Your eBay Dropship Sales!

Facebook and other social media sites are HOT! But have you looked into the apps available on Facebook to help boost your eBay dropship sales?

According to Facebook, there are more than 200 million active users on the site.

At least 50% of these active users will login to the Facebook site at least once each day.

Facebook research shows that a minimum of 70% of users will engage with at least one of the 52,000 applications, or apps, available on the site.

Yes---there are 52,000 applications on Facebook!

Several of these can be utilized to help rev up your eBay dropshipping sales. Add them to your Facebook profile, (you do have one, don’t you? If not, get busy and get one!) and you’ll have a fantastic FREE way to promote your eBay business!

Here are three Facebook apps for you to use:

Ebay Auctions: Phil Tucker developed this app, which lets you display your eBay auctions on your Facebook profile. It also allows you to search eBay, create a wish list, browse your friends’ eBay auctions, make comments about auctions, and much more. After you have initially installed the app, you merely have to enter your eBay auction numbers to load the active listings onto your Facebook profile. There is a discussion board for eBay Auction apps where you can mix and mingle with other users, sharing tips about this specific application and other pointers to boost eBay sales with Facebook apps.

eBay Marketplace: Developed by eBay, this app will let you see what your friends are buying, selling or watching or eBay. You can manage your own auctions items with this app, too. To use this app, just link your eBay account to Facebook when you add the application to your Facebook profile. There are mixed reviews about this application, but a lot of users have reported great results from it.

eBay Wall: This app was developed by Iter-8 Partnership. Simple and user friendly, it lets you and your friends post eBay listings to each other’s Facebook profile. This app works for US or UK eBay sites.

There are more ways to use Facebook as a free tool to increase your eBay dropshipping sales. Look them over and take advantage of this fabulous free marketing venue! 


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