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Mistakes to Avoid in an eCommerce Dropshipping Business

When starting up an ecommerce dropshipping business, it’s always helpful to know what to do.

However, it’s probably just as important to know what not to do.

Some of these mistakes may seem like no-brainers, but you might be surprised how many hopeful entrepreneurs make them, to their sorrow.

Don’t build your business around a product or products that nobody wants:
Yes, it happens. Aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs have sunk a fortune into building lavish websites filled with something that they’d be hard pressed to give away, much less sell. You might have stumbled across an item that you believe is just the absolute most exciting, innovative and indispensable item on the internet. The problem is this: if nobody else agrees with you---you’re sunk. So, before creating an entire website around any product, test it out on friends and family first. Drill down deeper in your product research and have your friends and family members survey coworkers and others in their social circle about your wondrous widget. You can’t realistically expect everybody to like it, but if almost nobody likes it, go to Plan B and find something else to sell.

Don’t overbuild your website initially:
 Having a positive attitude is great. Being an optimist is commendable. But there’s a difference between being optimistic and rushing in where angels fear to tread. Build a professional website and take the necessary steps to drive traffic to it. Then, see if it gets traffic and sales in sufficient quantity after a reasonable length of time to make it a profitable proposition to continue. It may not. But, if it doesn’t, take heart. You can try again. And again. You aren’t allowed X number of attempts at being successful….a set limit and then no more. You can go on and on until you finally hit the jackpot, if that’s what it takes. But if you have invested every dime you can beg, borrow and steal into the first venture, you’re in serious trouble if it doesn’t take off. So, be optimistic, but be prudent and hedge your bets. 

Don’t build a dropshipping website that you can’t maintain inexpensively by yourself:
If you need to hire pros to design and build your website, so be it. But do make sure that it will be easy for you to maintain without professional help after it’s up and running. If you have to pay somebody to do routine website maintenance, it will be a never-ending drain in your finances. If you hire somebody to get it off the ground, make sure that you convey to them your need to be able to handle everyday maintenance. 

Thousands of people just like you have become successful ecommerce dropship entrepreneurs. You can, too, if you work hard and don’t do any of the above! 


Thanks for good info.
Posted @ Tuesday, September 29, 2009 9:23 PM by ovary2009
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