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Tips for Safer Selling on eBay: Protect Yourself!

There have been so many changes on eBay for sellers during the past couple of years. Sadly, almost all of these changes have been decidedly seller UNfriendly!

To survive as an eBay seller these days, you absolutely MUST be proactive and take any steps you possibly can to ensure your own safety,

If you fail to do this, you will get ripped off. It isn’t a question of IF you get ripped off, bur when, because it’s going to happen, that’s a certainty.

So, how can you be proactive about your own protection as a seller?

What can you do to try and cover your own posterior as best you can?

There are a few things that can be recommended.

For starters, sellers are no longer allowed to collect for insurance from buyers. That’s right. If you are an eBay seller, you will either pay out of your own pocket for insurance to protect from loss or damage to an item you sold, or ship without any insurance. 

Those are basically your only choices.

So, here is what a smart eBay seller will do: Factor the price of insurance into shipping costs for higher priced items. This isn’t a perfect solution because then you risk invoking the wrath of buyers who feel that you’ve gouged for shipping. 

It’s a calculated risk. 

Would you rather risk the possibility of getting dinged a bit on your Detailed Seller Ratings, or ship an expensive item without any insurance and then eat the cost yourself if it’s lost or damaged? 

Now, sometimes you may not know beforehand that an item is going to sell for a goodly sum. Although sales have slowed down on FeeBay, there is still an old-time bidding war occasionally. Your $9.99 item might end up selling for big bucks. In this situation, are you going to ship it without insurance? Hopefully not. It’s too late to add it to shipping, so just bite the bullet, pay for the insurance yourself and be glad your widget sold for enough to warrant insuring it. 

If you sell internationally you should never, ever ship anything without insurance!

You have virtually no seller protection whatsoever on international transactions. Disregard that hokey stuff on Paypal about all of the countries that are now eligible for Seller Protection.

That Seller Protection is only good if you ship using a method that furnished online tracking, which leaves out almost anything. Very few international buyers are willing to fork over the dough for Express or Priority mail. So in all probability you will shop First Class, and this mail class has no online tracking available.

If a dishonest buyer gets your item, all they have to do is open a Paypal claim and say they didn’t and you’re hung out to dry.

So always include the price of insurance in international shipping charges!

If you aren’t allowed to blatantly charge buyers for insurance anymore, there will be times when common sense should prevail and you should either buy it yourself, or include it in the shipping cost. 


You said "If you sell internationally you should never, ever ship anything without insurance!" but isn't USPS insurance worthless outside the US?
Posted @ Wednesday, September 01, 2010 10:19 AM by P. Smith
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