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Use Google’s Merchant Center to Boost Ecommerce Dropship Sales!

Google has launched a new service called the Merchant Center that can help you boost ecommerce dropship sales! 

If you are familiar with Google Base, then you will have a pretty good understanding of the new Merchant Center and what it’s all about. 

Many online merchants, including eBay sellers, discovered the fantastic way that Google Base increased their sales! Unfortunately, a few months ago, Google Base began experiencing technical difficulties for eBay sellers and a lot simply gave up.

If that applies to you: Good news if you have an ecommerce store and bad news for eBay sellers.

The new Google Merchant Center is basically replacing Google Base, although if you are currently using Google Base you will be able to continue on, as long as it is items such as recipes, vehicles, jobs, real estate listings, and so on. 

But for selling items, Google Merchant Center is the new way to go.

Google Merchant Center is geared toward creating a better, more optimized experience for merchants. 

If you aren’t familiar with it, you should take steps ASAP to familiarize yourself with Google Merchant Center because it can play a large role in increasing your sales.

Here is how it works:

Google Merchant Center will increase traffic and sales by sending customers to your listings when they do a search for an item that you have in stock.

Your items will appear in Google Product Search, and may even be displayed on Google.com, depending on relevancy.

You can submit your products to Google Merchant Center FREE. There is no charge whatsoever!

You can submit and upload your products to Google Merchant Center through a data feed. 

Complete instructions on how to submit a data feed of all your products can be found here: 

This will walk you through everything you need to do in order to upload your product listings to the Google Merchant Center.

The problem for eBay sellers is this:

If your items are located on a “marketplace” as Google considers eBay, then only its owner can submit product data. So, in a nutshell, a lone seller cannot submit data to Google’s Merchant Center, eBay as the marketplace owner has to do it and of course, that isn‘t happening.

For ecommerce business owners, the new Merchant Center will be a great way to increase traffic and boost your sales.

For eBay sellers, the news is bad, as usual.

With sales lagging all across the board due to the economy and decreased visibility in Google, eBay needs to address this problem and do whatever is necessary so that sellers can publish data to Google Merchant Center NOW! 


Can I know as to how to upload the products listed in my site given here, n Google merchant? Will it work here: 
Posted @ Wednesday, March 21, 2012 4:40 AM by Vijay
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