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eCommerce: The 7 Deadly Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

No doubt about it, ecommerce is here to stay. It’s big and it isn’t going to do anything but continue to grow and get even bigger. 

You, as an ecommerce entrepreneur, can grow and flourish as well IF you don’t blunder and make some common mistakes.

Here are the 7 mistakes most often made by entrepreneurs:

1. Poorly Designed Website: At any given moment, your competition is only a click away. If you have a poorly designed website that is slow, hard to navigate, not user friendly, clunky and full of typos and page errors, etc. etc.---then your visitors will hit the back button and forsake you for greener pastures. Believe it.

2. Poor Marketing Campaigns: You absolutely must have a marketing and advertising plan! If you don’t know where you want to go, how on earth will you ever get there? Too many hopeful ecommerce entrepreneurs pour everything into website design and then skimp on marketing. This will sink your online business. You’ll go down like the Titanic, with no band playing to herald your demise.

3. Lousy Customer Service: The importance of good customer service simply cannot be overemphasized. But somehow, many ecommerce business people fail to grasp what a vital part of building a successful enterprise customer service really is. 

4. Inadequate Security and Trust Symbols: Despite the growing popularity of the internet, there are still many consumers who are leery of buying online due to security and trust issues. To overcome this reluctance, you have to prominently reassure visitors with trust and security symbols!

5. Poor Product Descriptions: A recent study conducted on internet shopping showed that a lot of consumers would appreciate merchants having better product descriptions. If you are unable to write them yourself, hire a freelancer if necessary. But make your product descriptions shine for better business and more sales!

6. Selling the Wrong Products: In order to be successful with an online store, you must be selling a product that other people want and will buy. This may seem like a no-brainer, but in fact there have been many ecommerce businesses that folded because someone failed to do their homework before start-up to make sure that there was a market for raw cactus hair gel or edible napkin rings made from calamari.

7. Poor checkout: This is a biggie, and perhaps one of the greatest mistakes made in ecommerce. Checkout should be quick and easy! If you throw up obstacles to a customer checking out, they won’t complete the purchase. It’s just that simple and just that deadly. 

Avoid these 7 deadly mistakes, as well as other equally serious ecommerce bloopers, and watch your business reach the top! 


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