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5 Tips for Choosing Shopping Cart Software


There are a great many shopping cart software systems available on the World Wide Web, but you should be aware that they are not all created equal!

The shopping cart software that you should choose is dependent upon your ecommerce needs.

Not to worry, there is something for everyone!

Here are five tips and pointers that might serve you well in your search for the best shopping cart software for your online business:

  • As more and more consumers are turning to the internet for their shopping, online stores have become a tad more sophisticated. Your online store needs to function much as a traditional brick and mortar store. Your online shopping cart should be super user friendly and convenient for customers! If it isn’t….if it’s clunky, slow and too convoluted and difficult….you will lose sales and lots of them! So, make sure that the shopping cart software you use is up-to-the-minute with the latest technology, and is fast and friendly for shoppers.
  • Choose shopping cart software that is comprehensive, fulfilling all of a buyer’s needs quickly and easily. For example, customers should be able to change quantities, delete items and update their cart ad lib, without a big hassle.
  • Make sure that your shopping cart software has a fast and efficient payment process. You know how impatient people get when standing in line waiting to check out in a department or other retail store in the real world? Multiply that several times for the virtual world of online shopping and you will get an idea of how impatient online shoppers can be! You do not want to make the payment process slow or overly complicated, or you will lose sales.
  • You really should have shopping cart software that will allow buyers to input discount and coupon codes, as well as gift certificates. If you are a savvy internet entrepreneur, you understand the value of giving consumers a deal, so you will be using discounts, promos and e-gift certificates.
  • Your shopping cart software should always be secure, and it should be made crystal clear to the buyer that their personal information is secure! Trust and security issues remain the number one drawback for many people when it comes to buying online. If you can allay those fears and gain trust by letting buyers know their data is secure on your site, you will have made great strides toward getting their business.

One great shopping cart software system is 3DCart, a partner of Drop Ship Access.

3DCart offers a complete storefront solution for your new or existing web site, and offers a 30 day FREE trial!



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