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Social Media Marketing: FREE Twitter Apps for eCommerce


Unless you’ve been taking an extended vacation in a galaxy far, far away, you have at least heard of Twitter and are always interested in free Twitter apps to help in your social media marketing efforts.

There are thousands of Twitter apps. Unfortunately, not all of them are free. But there are enough really great free ones to help you out a lot.

Here are a few that will come in very handy for your ecommerce business:

Pixelpipe: Pixelpipe is a content distribution gateway that will allow you to publish text, plus photo, audio and video files. You publish once through Pixelpipe, and your content is then distributed across more than 115 social networks, photo and/or video sites, blogs, and online storage all over the world. This would be an exceedingly useful tool and also a huge timesaver! Lots of neat tools, something for everybody and it’s all 100% FREE!

FREE Pixelpipe

Brizzly: A new app from Thing Labs, this browser based Twitter client will allow you to monitor searches, use multiple Twitter accounts easily, share photos and much more. FREE and a wonderful Twitter app for multi-accounts! Great reviews from users!

FREE Brizzly

FreeTwitterDesigner: This is an absolutely fabulous FREE Twitter app! It lets you design a custom, personalized background that rivals what the professional graphic designers turn out! A great tool to use for increasing your brand awareness!


Tweetie: Manage multiple accounts and a LOT more with Tweetie! It has been rewritten and features a fast and powerful core. There is a paid version, and the free version. Check them out today and read the glowing reviews about Tweetie!


Twittercal: This FREE app lets you connect Twitter with your Google calendar, a handy way to add events quickly!


Try these free Twitter apps today! While you’re at it, check out this great website with thousands of Twitter apps---some free, some not free---and you might find even more helpful apps for Twittering:



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