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What NOT to Do in Your Business Blog: Common Mistakes to Avoid

If you have an ecommerce business, then you need a business blog.

But, if you are making major mistakes with your blog, you may be shooting yourself in the foot and doing more harm than good.

Read on for some pointers about what not to do with your business blog:

Failure to proofread:
This is a biggie and it’s an area where almost all bloggers will drop the ball from time to time. The problem is that, no matter how careful you try to be; sometimes a typo or other blooper slips through. Running spell check helps, of course, but if the booboo word is a real, legitimate word, spell check won’t consider it an error even though it’s the wrong word. For example, you accidentally type “oink” instead of “pink.” But, do try to proofread thoroughly and you will catch most of the bloopers.

A cluttered sidebar: Please don’t do this. Many blogs have a helter-skelter mess on the sidebar, and it’s not only distracting, it is quite unprofessional. Be a good blog housekeeper and try to keep your blog pages as neat, tidy and clean as you possibly can. Remember, appearance is important!

No domain name:
Spend a few bucks and invest in your own domain name for your blog. If people think that you don’t take your blog seriously enough to give it its own name, they won’t take it seriously, either.

Failure to set goals: Your blog needs definite, clear-cut goals. You shouldn’t just hammer out something every day with no purpose. Perhaps your blogging goal is to have 100 subscribers, or 500 subscribers, or lots of inbound links, or whatever. The main thing is to have a goal and work to attain it, not just aimlessly blog on and on.

Responding to hecklers: All blogs and all bloggers have them---the hecklers. These are the people that give stand-up comedians a hard time, or make a complete obnoxious pest of themselves in a question and answer period after a speech. Don’t even dignify these jokers with a reply. Hit the delete button for their comments and move on. If you engage in a squabble with them, you will only be wasting your precious time.

A blog can be an invaluable asset for your ecommerce business if you follow a few simple rules!                                                                                            


Very good info! Thank you.
Posted @ Saturday, August 27, 2011 4:23 PM by Kristie Croisant
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