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Using Coupons Wisely in Your Online Dropship Business


Even if your online dropship business is doing well, you should always be striving to make it even better!

Savvy ecommerce entrepreneurs understand how coupons and promotions can boost those online sales! If you are using coupons at least occasionally, you are on the right track.

Internet research has shown that e-coupons are a great way to increase your online sales.

There are all kinds of ways and types of coupons to offer customers and potential customers. For instance, you might have a “Loyalty Reward” coupon that gives repeat customers a discount. Or, you might offer a “New Customer” coupon with a nice promotional discount.

Coupons are a fantastic way to move seasonal merchandise, too. For this, you might offer an “End of Season” sale coupon with X amount of dollars or a certain percentage off a purchase. Even in an online dropship business where you don’t actually store any inventory and therefore don’t have an excess, an end of season sale is still a great way to drive traffic to your website and make more sales!

Offering your customers coupons is a good idea.

But, have you stopped to consider what might be happening about coupons and coupons codes?

You may be inadvertently losing sales because of coupon codes!

Assuming that you have a box for a coupon or promotional code, some customers may be leaving your site to look for a coupon code---and not coming back.

Remember, many purchases are impulse buys, and you must strike while the iron is hot to get that buyer all the way through checkout. Put that together with the well established fact that many buyers tend to procrastinate and put off actually pulling the trigger on a purchase, and you have a potentially hazardous situation for your bottom line.

So, instead of risking shopping cart abandonment if a buyer leaves your online store to look for a coupon code on another website….take a leaf from Macy’s book and have a little clickable link next to the coupon code box that says this:

Once the buyer clicks to get a code, a popup window shows all available coupon codes. That way, you can keep that buyer right there, so that they will go ahead and complete the purchase.

It’s a good idea to offer coupons in your ecommerce dropship store, and if you do it wisely, you won’t lose any customers in the process!


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