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Can You Really Make a Living Online?

Are you fed up with your nine to five job and considering starting an online business, but afraid you can’t make a living?

A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs have that same fear, and it is a very well founded one.

The fact is that many who embark on a home business fail miserably. Some bite the dust almost immediately, while others might hang on and arrive at failure slowly, bit by bit…like the Death By a Thousand Cuts.

Either way, whether the online business demise is mercifully swift or a prolonged agony, the end result of starting an online business for many who try it is the same: failure.

But, if that is true of many who undertake to start an internet business, it is equally true that while many fail, many succeed!

Which group you might fall into if you start your own internet business is entirely up to you.

Luck isn’t a factor. Thomas Jefferson said it best:

“I’m a great believer in luck. I find the harder I work, the luckier I am.”

Age, gender, race or nationality are not factors.

The internet is a workplace that doesn’t distinguish, much less discriminate, based on your age, your gender or your race or nationality. The World Wide Web is the great equalizer, where everyone is treated just the same.

So, what are the factors that influence success or failure and whether or not you can earn a decent living on the internet?

Basically, it all boils down to commitment, perseverance, knowledge, self discipline and the desire to succeed.

If you have those things going for you, then you are literally guaranteed success.

You must be committed to doing whatever it takes to make your home business a success.

You must be willing to persevere in the face of adversity, such as the current economy.

You must either have or acquire the knowledge necessary to profitably run your business, and realize that knowledge isn’t static---you must constantly keep learning everything you can about how to make a success of your business.

You must have the self discipline to hang in there and keep working toward your goals. If you are easily lured away from work by fishing trips, TV programs, phone calls to chat with friends or whatever distractions and temptations present themselves….you will not succeed.

You must have a burning desire to succeed! If you are committed to your goals and focused on success, then you will almost certainly be a success!

If you have all of the above going for you, then yes, you can make a living online!


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