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Are You Committing Social Media Marketing Suicide?

Is your social media marketing campaign working for you, or is it more in the nature of a kamikaze mission?

Social media marketing on sites such as Twitter and Facebook can do wonders for your online business IF you use them correctly.

However, if you are making major mistakes in your social media campaigns, you might be on the fast track to the ecommerce graveyard!

Here are some common mistakes that you don’t want to make in social media marketing:

  • Too Many Advertisements. This is a huge no-no! Internet users in general and social site members in particular find pop-up and flashing ads extremely annoying. Ditto for too many ads of any kind! If you have any sly thoughts about disguising your ads as regular content---forget it! Web folks are savvy to that sort of subterfuge and you will find yourself a social site pariah in nothing flat by using those tricky techniques.

  • Spamming. Never, ever spam! Don’t send blanket messages to every one of your followers or people on your Friends list, either, or this can be considered spammy behavior. Only send messages where they are relevant. Every one of your followers may not be interested in the same things, so try to keep your messages pertinent to the recipients.

  • No option to share. Make it as easy as possible for your content to be shared. On Twitter, for example, you can ask for your message to be shared by including “Please RT,” which translates to “Please retweet.” The best and fastest way to get your content passed along is to make it easy and painless for readers!

  • Being selfish. Don’t just share your own content! Pass along any message or post by other users that is interesting, entertaining and/or informative to others.

  • Only using one social site. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin and wind up not doing a good job of marketing at any site, but it doesn’t pay to put all of your eggs into one basket, either. Try several of the most popular social sites, and then narrow it down to two or three that work best for you.

Don’t make mistakes that amount to social media marketing suicide!


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