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Free Tools to Help Calculate Your eBay & Paypal Fees


Do you calculate down to the penny exactly how much profit you will make on your eBay items after all fees are paid, or do you just go with the flow and pocket whatever is left over?

It will be much better for your bottom line if you keep an extremely close eye on all fees!

Of course, if you are running auctions, there will be no way to figure your Final Value Fees in advance because you won’t know the ending price until the auctions are over.

But with Fixed Price and store items, you can easily calculate all of your expenses with this FREE calculator from Rolbe.

Not only will it calculate your fees, but you can also enter the amount you paid for the item, how much you are charging for shipping and handling, as well as how much the shipping and handling actually cost, your Powerseller Level, (if any) and whether or not you are a Top Rated Seller.

You may enter such things as any listing upgrades, which also come off your profit.

By tracking and monitoring all of your expenses and net profits, you might spot a dud of a product that is underperforming for you. This simply means an item that---by the time you deduct all expenses, fees, and your time to list, ship, etc.---isn’t paying enough in the final analysis to make it worthwhile continuing to sell it.

On eBay, anyway.

You can find a variety of free calculators on this website!

Besides an eBay fee calculator, there are many other fee calculators including:

  • Amazon
  • Bidpay
  • Half.com
  • eBay Stores
  • eBay Motors
  • Etsy
  • Overstock
  • ePier
  • Paypal

Especially now, with the new and definitely NOT improved eBay fees going into effect today, it is vitally important to keep up with all of your expenses and your net profits on each and every widget you sell!

The eBay and PayPal calculators would come in quite handy if you were looking for dropshipping items to sell, and wanted to quickly and easily figure how much profit you could expect from each item on your list of possibilities!

All of these calculators are 100% free, but if you like them and find one or more of them useful, you might consider making a small donation to the website.

Between FeeBay and Pay-through-the-nose-Pal, you might be making far less profit than you realize if you haven’t been tracking it.

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