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10 Tips for Time Management in Your Home Business

If you have a home business, you probably already know the importance of time management.

It’s all fairly simple, isn’t it?

If you work---you make money. If you don’t work---you don’t make money.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math on that one and figure out the equation. However, although all of us who work at home do have a pretty good grasp on that reality, there are times when it’s hard to buckle down and be productive.

Here are 10 tips to help you manage your time wisely in your home business:

1. Start planning tomorrow today. If you just go into your home office every morning with no clear idea of what you want to get accomplished, you’ll be drifting aimlessly and will soon find yourself lost at sea on a sinking ship of unpaid bills; because you won’t get as much work done as you should have and would have if you planned your work and worked your plan. Besides, it’s easier to stay on track and not get distracted if you have a plan.

2. Prioritize! It’s sometimes easy to fall down a rabbit hole of trivialities and minutiae that net very little profit when all is said and done. So, set priorities and make sure you get those things finished that are at the top of your daily To-Do List.

3. Make the most of downtime. For instance, if you have to take your car in to be serviced during your normal working hours; spend that time jotting down plans for a new marketing campaign, composing your next email newsletter, etc.

4. Remember, the early bird gets the worm! The worm, in this scenario, equaling money. Get up early and take advantage of the time before the rest of the family gets up to get some work done. Besides, it gets your day off to a great start if you accomplish something concrete early in the day.

5. Give yourself breaks ad lib. While it’s important to stay focused, it’s equally important to take breaks occasionally. Taking a break will actually help you to concentrate better as the days wears on.

6. Balance your time wisely. Don’t try to work too many hours a day or too many days in a row without some time off. The candle that burns the brightest also burns out the quickest!

7. Little things add up to big things! If you stop and take stock of some of the small ways you are wasting time, you might be surprised. For example, if you send a lot of faxes and don’t have a dedicated fax line but have to stop and hook up your fax machine to your main phone line several times a day, that’s a waste of time that costs you more money in the long run than simply paying for a dedicated fax line.

8. Keep your home office neat, clean and tidy. Get rid of trash and junk mail before it accumulates. Much of the success of working at home successfully depends on maintaining the proper frame of mind. If you are up to your elbows in junk mail and old magazines, dirty coffee cups and a collection of calendars dating back a decade or so….you will not feel business-like and efficient, which will affect your efficiency as well as your business!

9. Keep your eye on the ball. If you have a certain quota of projects or tasks to do each day or each week to make the amount of money you need to make, stay focused on that number and it will be easier to attain.

10. It is said that the family that plays together stays together and this is certainly true up to a point. But when you have your own home business, the family will have to play without you while you get your work done. Otherwise, the family might be playing and staying together under a bridge with the homeless!

Time management in your home dropshipping business or other ecommerce enterprise will help you to be successful!

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