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Are You an eBay Lister or an eBay Seller?


So, are you an eBay lister, or an eBay seller?

There is a rather large difference between the two, you know.

With the latest fee hikes which have increased Final Value Fees enormously in many cases, plus the humongous, disorganized mishmash that is Best Match search, if you want to actually sell anything on eBay and make a profit---you’re going to have to put your shoulder to the wheel and also keep your calculator handy!

Otherwise, if you don’t watch your Ps and Qs, you’ll be listing everything but the kitchen sink but not selling anything.

In which case, you would be an eBay Lister instead of an eBay Seller.

Sales have dropped so low for many eBay sellers since the latest round of changes that eBay might soon start a new thing: Power Listers. You might have dreamed of being a Power Seller and fallen short, but not to worry, you could still be a Power Lister if you list enough auctions that close without a bid.

Oh, happy day!

But seriously, who wants to be a Lister instead of a Seller?

Nobody, including you!

So, now more than ever, if you want to succeed on eBay, you absolutely must keep your eye on the ball and the bottom line. Pennies make dollars, and with the outrageous listing and final value fees, plus Pay-Through-The-Nose-Pal fees---it is difficult to make a profit.

One thing to think about is offering free shipping. Yes, eBay is promoting and pushing free shipping like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. But, is it really a good thing?

Well, yes, it is a good thing. It’s a good thing for eBay because you have incorporated the shipping cost into your item price and so eBay---who doesn’t yet charge a fee on shipping charges---now gets their hand in your pocket for a few bucks more because the item price/final value fees will be higher.

But, is it a good thing for you?

It may not be. Don’t be nagged and coerced into offering free shipping unless you can do it profitably. Do the math and decide if giving free shipping is feasible for you.

If it isn’t, if it’s going to cut into your ever-dwindling profit, then charge for shipping and let eBay sing for its supper!

Keep accurate records of your eBay dropshipping business or other sales and make sure that your profit is acceptable.

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