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Dropship 101: Social Media & The Top 3 Questions You Want Answered


Social media marketing is one of the best methods any ecommerce entrepreneur can use to build a brand and promote an online dropship business, and most marketers want three top questions answered.

According to the 2010 Social Media Marketing Report from Michael A. Stelzner, which was sponsored by the Social Media Examiner, there are three primary questions that ecommerce marketers want answered.

Q:  How is Return On Investment, or ROI, measured for social media marketing?

A. To come up with a measurement of ROI that is reasonably accurate and shows the effectiveness of your social media marketing, you must be able to:

  • Identify website visitors who have landed there by engaging through social media
  • Assign an appropriate value to social media interaction in the number of click-throughs to your website
  • Ascertain whether or not this visitor converted to a sale

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There are various analytical tools to help you do this. But, at the end of the day, social media marketing ROI simply cannot be calculated in dollars and cents like traditional advertising. So, the main thing you can do to know if your marketing efforts are effective is to measure traffic, number of sales, number of email marketing subscriptions, etc. before beginning social media marketing and after a period of 3 months or so.

Q. What are best practices of social media marketing?

A. This question is a bit more easily answered because the best practices are fairly cut and dried. Best practices of social media marketing include:

  • Make your plan with specific objectives of what you hope to accomplish
  • Schedule enough time each day to actively work at social media marketing, and allot sufficient time for each platform. For example---30 minutes for Twitter dispersed throughout the day, 30 minutes for Facebook, etc. The length of time can be tailored to suit your particular participation and objectives
  • Listen and participate. Be sure to give something of value to the social community. You have to give in order to get!

Q. How Do You Integrate All of Your Social Media Marketing Tactics?

A. For this, there are an abundance of free tools available on the internet! One such free service is HootSuite, and there are several more that allow you to integrate your marketing efforts across social platforms. http://hootsuite.com/

If you want to use social media marketing to promote your online dropship website or other ecommerce business, and have more questions, there are quite a few relevant articles here in the blog archives.

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