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5 Tips for eCommerce Dropship Sales Website Design


Your ecommerce dropship business website design is important in the overall scheme of things because it is the first impression a visitor gets of your business and what it’s all about.

If your website is cluttered, filled with typos, poor grammar and misspellings, with annoying flashing graphics and a glaring, inharmonious mixture of colors and fonts, it makes a bad first impression and in many cases, a business will never overcome that so critical initial impression!

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Here are some tips for creating a well designed ecommerce website that will make a great first impression on potential customers:

1. Your Home page and landing pages should correlate with what search term the visitor clicked on to arrive there. For example, if your online store sells camping equipment and someone did a Google search for “sleeping bag” which returned a search result link to your website, the landing page needs to feature sleeping bags, not camp stoves. Forcing someone to do an internal search just means more clicks in the buying process. Research has shown that the fewer the clicks between arriving on your website and completing checkout---the higher your sales and conversion rate.

2. Your website doesn’t need a bunch of flashing graphics! Besides the fact that they’re a distraction to the browsing and buying process, they’re unprofessional and most people find them annoying. Website colors should be harmonious, with dark text on a light background to be most easily read. Don’t try to use every color on the color wheel. Keep it simple, easy on the eyes and attractive.

3. Have easy to follow, well defined buying paths. The entire process should be a steady nudging along toward the final desired destination, which is completion of checkout. Make this buying path as straight and short as possible! Remember, the more wrong turns, blind alleys and detours a shopper experiences on your website decrease your chances of making a sale dramatically!

4.  Make your calls to action, as well as your corresponding action buttons loud, clear and easy to answer! Buttons should be prominent enough so that a buyer can easily see them and immediately know what they’re for. “Buy Now” is a good example. “Add to Cart” is another good example. You are telling the shopper exactly what to do and showing them, as well. Never use the ambiguous “Click Here” on an action button! The buyer must wonder then---click here for what?

5. Show the price! The price should be right out there for the shopper to see. Don’t try any of the cutesy stuff like making them add it to the shopping cart to see the price, most people really hate that. They feel manipulated, and there is a good reason for that because they are being manipulated into adding an item to their cart when they aren’t sure yet that they even want it. Another important thing is to let a shopper know immediately if they have added something to their cart that is out of stock. Even better is not to let it get that far, and have unavailable items removed from search.

Use these tips to have a well designed website for your home dropshipping business or other online venture!

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