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eBay Dropship Sellers: Start Training for the eBay Olympics High Jump


As most eBay dropship sellers are probably aware, the newest new changes have been announced!

Yes, gentle reader, more changes!

Effective in September, the bar is being raised even higher. Here’s the scoop on the latest and lamest changes from FeeBay, straight from the donkey’s mouth:

“Opening a case through the eBay or PayPal Buyer Protection program—especially when the buyer tries and is not able to work out an issue directly with the seller—is a clear indication of dissatisfaction. That’s why starting in September, along with low DSRs, eBay will consider buyer cases for item not received and item not as described to evaluate seller performance.”

Okay, let’s take this little bombshell apart and analyze it.

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Starting in September, if a buyer files an Item Not Received or Significantly Not As Described case against a seller, it will count against your seller performance.

What will this mean to sellers?

Well, for smaller sellers, it will basically mean that if two unreasonable, trigger-happy buyers file a case for INR or SNAD, it will be weighted the same as your Detailed Seller Ratings, and you will lose your Top Rated Seller status, and hence your 20% discount off of the exorbitant Final Value Fees. (Which, by the way, were just increased AGAIN.)

More than a couple, and you not only lose your pitiful little discount, you’ll be at risk of being unceremoniously suspended from selling at all.

That isn’t even the worst of it!

According to eBay, it doesn’t matter how the cases are resolved.

For example, if a buyer files an Item Not Received and you have Delivery Confirmation that furnishes proof of delivery showing that it has been received---too bad, so sad---you’re toast anyway, and the very fact that the completely groundless case was filed against you will be another nail in your coffin.

Ridiculous? Preposterous? Ill-conceived and downright incredible?

Yes, yes and yes.

Nevertheless, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. The only bright spot in this typical eBay bit of insanity is that the new policy will not apply to international sales, only domestic.

For now, anyway.

Just one more completely nonsensical policy change for battle scarred eBay sellers to worry about.

Yes, the bar continues to be raised ever higher for sellers to be able to continue selling on eBay!

So, maybe it’s time to start practicing your high jumps. Power up, eBay sellers! Get in training now or you’ll never clear that bar, and the consequences of being unable to leap that high will be dire, indeed.

Superman, if you’re reading this, head on over to eBay. You're assured of success! With your powers to leap tall buildings in a single bound, you’ll end up being the last seller on eBay that can make the cut!

Check out the newest of the new policies on eBay and find out what's coming for your eBay dropship business

Oh, and one more thing Superman---If you get an unexpected package in the mail from eBay, don't open it.

It will be Kryptonite!

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