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10 Tips to Improve PPC Ads for Your Online Dropship Business


PPC, or Pay Per Click ads can be a great way to build your online dropship business by driving traffic and generating sales!

However, money doesn’t grow on trees and most ecommerce entrepreneurs like to get as much bang for their buck as possible.

So, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your PPC ads:

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1. Use keywords in your PPC ads. The most important keywords should be in bold text, and should be integrated into the header and the text.

2. Don’t use too many keywords. Instead, do some analytics first to determine exactly which keywords pack the most punch for your business, and focus on those.

3. Target your audience! Determine exactly which internet users you most want to visit your website, and write your PPC ads to appeal to that demographic.

4. Always double check your spelling and grammar! Nothing looks more unprofessional, as well as untrustworthy, as an ad that is filled with misspelled words and lousy grammar.

5. Check out the PPC ads of your competitors and adapt them to suit your own business. If it’s working for them, why shouldn’t it work for you?

6. Use words that have an emotional appeal. Such words as “Love” or “Need” or “Want” have strong emotional appeal, along with a lot of others. Tailor them to suit your business and ad.

7. Include a call to action in your PPC ad. You won’t have room for a lot of text, but a strong call to action is a must!

8. Working within the limited context of a PPC ad, you should still strive for some visual appeal. Capitalize, use bold text or italics for your most important words, for instance.

9. Always make sure that the PPC ad has its own corresponding landing page on your website! This is vitally important, and if you don’t observe this guideline, you will lose a lot of potential sales.

10. Try to think like a shopper. For example, think about what sort of ad would appeal to you or motivate you to click through if you were an online shopper thinking of buying the product or products you are selling on your website. For instance, many ecommerce PPC ads make a mistake by making the key search term or word plural. If you are selling boats, you shouldn’t use “boats” as a keyword simply because the average person looking to buy a boat will use the singular to search---boat. Not boats.

These 10 tips can help you get the most from your PPC ads for your online dropshipping business or other ecommerce enterprise.

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