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eBay Dropship Sales Alternatives: Get Started Selling on Amazon


Amazon is a huge, very popular online marketplace and is an excellent eBay alternative for dropship sellers who are sick and tired of being charged outrageous fees and getting little or nothing in return.

While eBay has steadily lost ground during the present CEO’s administration, Amazon has experienced almost phenomenal growth, showing a 42% growth increase in the first quarter of this year.

As far as being seller friendly, Amazon is a cut above eBay in that although they have extremely stringent seller guidelines, they do appear to deal with sellers a little more fairly than eBay.

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Of course, that wouldn’t take a whole lot, since on eBay sellers are guilty even if they have been proven innocent.

Undoubtedly, one of the HUGE advantages of Amazon is exposure!

With traffic moving through the Amazon marketplace in record numbers, sellers will have a better chance of selling their wares than on eBay, whose clunky, glitch-ridden website and a Best Match search that is a nightmare for buyers and sellers alike has driven away potential buyers worldwide.

The seller fees aren’t exactly cheap on Amazon, but at least on Amazon you will actually get some value for your money!

One particularly attractive feature of selling on Amazon is that you don’t have to collect any payments. Amazon takes care of all this, and deposit’s the money in your account twice a month.

If you are a collectibles or vintage clothing seller, you are out of luck on Amazon, at least for the time being. There have been some hints that Amazon might branch out into these categories, which would be fabulous!

But for the time being, although you can sell used books and media such as music and movies, you are not allowed to sell vintage or used clothing or other types of vintage collectibles.

Dropship Amazon is tailor made for a home dropshipping business because you are assured of a large flow of traffic, and getting started is quick and easy!

Getting your items seen by potential customers is half the battle, and as things stand now, you have a much greater chance of this on Amazon than eBay.

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