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Dropship News: Google Makes Changes That Affect Long Tail Traffic!


Earlier this week, Google confirmed that its latest algorithm change will affect long tail traffic, which may affect your dropship business.

According to Google’s Matt Cutts, in a video posted to YouTube back in April of this year, the search engine giant made between 350-550 changes to its algorithms in 2009, so much of the time we would probably be stressing unnecessarily over every little change that came along.

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However, this particular change in the Google search algorithm is significant enough that ecommerce entrepreneurs should sit up and take notice!

On May 30th, Matt Cutts from Google posted a new video to YouTube that answers some questions about what the folks at Webmaster World have dubbed “Mayday.”

Here is the YouTube video and you should watch it if you want to learn more about this Google algorithm change:



In the video, Matt Cutts says: “it’s an algorithmic change that changes how we assess which sites are the best match for long tail queries.”

In a nutshell, he says that if your website has been affected by the Mayday change, you should take a look at the quality of your website to determine if it is truly the most relevant match for long tail search queries.

He also suggests that you see what “great content” you could add to your site, and evaluate your site to see if it could be considered an “authority”.

He recommends making sure that your web pages do more than just match keywords in a particular query, and that they should be relevant, as well.

This change in Google algorithms is especially important because it will impact SEO for long tail search queries.

If your website has a lot of pages that are not maximized for content, relevance, links to the pages, and other factors, you should set about fixing things as soon as possible, as this new change can directly affect your rankings in Google search, and hence; traffic to your website.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing for your home dropshipping business, as the smaller internet enterprises are already accustomed to taking advantage of long tail search phrases.

So, brush up on your long tail keyword usage and let the Mayday Google change work for you instead of against you!

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