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E-Commerce: Want to Make Quick Money From Your Dropship Business Blog?


If you are a beginning ecommerce entrepreneur with a dropship business who is not only technically challenged but also operating on a shoestring, you might be interested in a FREE WordPress blog plugin that can help you make some quick money!

WordPress, in case you don’t already know, is a very popular free blogging platform used by thousands upon thousands of internet users, both for personal and business use.

WordPress has a wealth of free plugins to optimize your blog, and the free WP e-Commerce plugin is one of the fastest and easiest of them all, plus it’s a fantastic way to generate some income from blogging!

Want to learn how blogging can grow & build your online business? Download this FREE e-book & get powerful tips to being a better blogger!

This is how it works:

First get started on WordPress. Getting a blog set up is a quick and very user friendly process. If you have intentions of starting a more conventional online website at any time in the future, you would be well advised to go ahead and purchase a domain name and use that for your WordPress URL.

Next, download the WP e-Commerce plugin. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with the WordPress platform, so this is no problem at all.

The WP e-Commerce plugin accepts various popular online payment methods such as Paypal, Google Checkout, Authorize.net, Payment Express and many more.

As established ecommerce merchants know, the faster and more streamlined your checkout process, the less sales you will lose!

The WP e-Commerce plugin offers one page checkout. Wow! It would be hard to beat that for fast and easy checkout.

If design is important to you, the WP e-Commerce plugin will appeal to you greatly! You can choose from a range of great looking store fronts, as well as customize your site to your heart’s content. This is all made easy for you by the use of WordPress PHP template tags, WordPress shortcodes and WordPress widgets.

If you get stuck or have a question or problem, there is a great support system and forums to help you find a solution or answer!

Check out the possibilities with WordPress and the WP e-Commerce plugin and get started today making money with online dropship sales or another ecommerce venture!

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I checked the WP e-Commerce forum and they state that WP e-Commerce does not support drop shipping.  
My question is: how do you use WP e-Commerce with a drop shipping business? What's the sale-to-drop-shipping process? 
Posted @ Thursday, December 02, 2010 6:54 PM by Nick
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