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Dropship Sales: Improve Your Conversion Rate With Great Copy!


If you have an online dropshipping business or other ecommerce enterprise, you can dramatically improve your conversion rate by writing great sales copy for your web pages!

Writing great copy is not that difficult for most people. It basically takes some time and experience to get it right, and what you don’t know initially, when you first start up your internet business; you can learn by watching videos and taking advantage of all of the help surrounding this subject on the World Wide Web.

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Assistance in gaining knowledge and how-to advice for virtually anything is one of the greatest boons of the internet, and copy writing is no exception.

Here are some tips to help you write effective sales copy for your internet business:

  • Focus on benefits! Always bear in mind that consumers don’t buy something because it is a wonderful widget with all sorts of neat attachments or whatever. They buy a particular product based on what it will do for them. In other words---how it benefits them. So, when you write sales copy, make sure to put the spotlight on how your product will benefit the visitor. Ask yourself these questions: How will it meet their needs? What problem will it solve for them?

  • Have a strong headline! Your job is to engage and hold the reader’s attention, and you have mere seconds to accomplish this, or you’ll lose them. So, write a very strong headline that grabs attention while highlighting your best selling point and benefits to them.

  • Have a strong first paragraph! Not too long or wordy because people only scan internet text instead of reading it as they would a book. Your first paragraph should build on your headline and showcase the biggest benefits of your product. This is not the place to go into specifics about how many years it was researched or the exact ingredients or details of precisely how it is made, etc.

  • Have a loud, clear Call to Action! This is vital to your conversion rate. Your headline may be fabulous…your first paragraph a killer….your explanation of the benefits to the visitor might be flawless….but if you don’t ask for the sale, you probably won’t get it. Wrap things up with a strong, compelling Call to Action! Leave no doubt what the shopper should do next. Use buttons such as “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart.”

Writing effective sales copy can greatly improve your conversion rate and boost your bottom line!

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