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How to Fix a High Bounce Rate in Your E-Commerce Dropship Business


If you have a high bounce rate in your online dropshipping business or other ecommerce enterprise, you are missing a lot of sales!

What is a Bounce Rate?

In ecommerce, a “bounce rate” refers to the number of visitors who land on your website and leave within the first 10 seconds or after seeing only one page.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem for most entrepreneurs, and can be extremely frustrating to try and determine the cause, as well as remedy the situation.

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While there are various reasons for a high bounce rate, some of the most common causes are:

  • Your website is poorly designed, sloppy, disorganized, full of misspellings and bad grammar that looks unprofessional, a jarring mishmash of colors and fonts, or more along these lines. Always bear in mind that the first page a visitor to your website lands on will create the first impression---good or bad. If bad, visitors are very likely to exit then and there.

  • Mismatched ads to landing pages. This is a common error on websites! Always make sure that each display and/or PPC ad has a corresponding landing page. For example, if your ad promises pet beds on sale, then it should click through to an appropriate page.

  • No clear and compelling call to action. Yet another oft repeated mistake in ecommerce. Your landing page should have a loud, clear call to action! You have to tell visitors what you want them to do next, and why.

To fix a high bounce rate, you will need to assess your ads, landing pages, website, calls to action, etc. to see if you are guilty of the mistakes noted above.

If this proves to be the case….fix the problems post haste!

You can use a web analytic tool to determine exactly where on your website visitors are exiting. To do this, you will need to segment bounce rate by individual pages. Your analytical tool can show you the top landing pages on your website and give you the bounce rate for each page.

Another way to identify and then fix the problems with a high bounce rate is to do A/B split testing on your top landing pages and see which one improves your bounce rate.

A high bounce rate is a serious problem! Not only does it cost you a ton of sales, it will also lower your ranking with the search engines since they all favor a higher conversion rate.

Stop losing sales that could be gained by improving your bounce rate!

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