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Dropship Sales: Twitter Tactics to Maximize Social Media Marketing


If you are an ecommerce entrepreneur with a home dropshipping business or other online enterprise, you have probably at least thought about using Twitter as part of your social media marketing efforts, if you aren’t already tweeting merrily away!

Twitter is definitely a vital presence in the world of internet social sites, and can be extremely beneficial to anyone with an online business.

Of course, just as is the case with any other endeavor, the more knowledge you have about how Twitter works---as well as how to optimize your social marketing presence on Twitter---the better off you will be.

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Here are some tactics to help you get more mileage out of your time spent in social media marketing on Twitter:  

  • You are allowed 15 characters for your Twitter User ID. Use them wisely! Make your Twitter name memorable, descriptive and relevant. It should be something that makes it obvious what your online business is about.

  • You are allowed 20 characters for your “real” name on Twitter. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to use your real name, which might be more than 20 characters anyhow. This is an added opportunity for you to make a statement about your ecommerce business in some way. For instance, if you have a toll fee number, you might incorporate it into your real Twitter name.

  • When you are filling out your profile info for Twitter and see the space for “Web Address,” this is a golden opportunity for you to display the dedicated landing page you are using for Twitter on your website!

  • You are allowed 160 characters for your one line bio on Twitter. Make the most of this space by including a link to your website and making your bio something snappy and interesting. The whole idea here is to be someone others will want to follow and learn more about!

  • Post a personal picture of yourself. This is important! Twitter and other social sites are all about people interacting with other people. You can help “humanize” yourself by giving viewers a real face to put with your Twitter name.

These are only a few Twitter tactics, but if you use them well, they can be quite helpful in making the most of your social media marketing efforts!

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