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Home Dropship Business Start-Up Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make


dropship businessIf you have decided to start-up a home dropship business, you have made a smart move; but be careful not to make mistakes that can cost you time and money!

An online dropship business is without a doubt the quickest and easiest of all home businesses to get off the ground and running….making money for you immediately without having a hefty financial outlay.

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However, there are a few pitfalls for brand new ecommerce entrepreneurs that can trip you up if you aren’t wary!

Here are a few mistakes you don’t want to make in your start-up:

  • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail: Before you dive in headfirst to your home business operation, take the time to sit down and carefully plan each and every aspect of your website, your products and niche, marketing and advertising methods, everything---right down to the teeniest detail. This doesn’t mean that you can never deviate from your plan, because you may develop a new idea about some particular phase of your business that will serve you better than the original. However, having a plan gives you a track to run on until you learn your way around the world of ecommerce.

  • Focusing on sales instead of profits: If you are making lots of sales you will be raking in lots of profits, right? Wrong. Or not necessarily, anyway. In order to have a viable, successful dropship business, you must stay in the black instead of the red. So, always factor in enough of a pad on top of what a wholesale product costs you that you are assured of sufficient profit. For example, if you pay your wholesale dropship product source $349 for a flat screen TV and then sell it on eBay for $359, this is probably not going to be enough profit for you because it’s unlikely you will sell these TVs in large enough volume to come out far enough ahead with a $10 profit per unit.

  • Spreading yourself too thin: Most home business entrepreneurs are the chief cooks and bottle washers for the entire operation and usually wear quite a few hats. But bear in mind that you have to walk before you can run! Charging full speed ahead in several different directions at once is almost a sure recipe for disaster. Initially, do what is strictly necessary to get your business moving smoothly and master those tasks before moving on to others.

You can have a thriving, successful and extremely profitable online dropship business if you avoid these common start-up mistakes!

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