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Good Reasons for Starting a Home Dropship Business

dropship home officeIf you are among the approximately 10% of unemployed Americans or your wages haven’t risen to keep up with inflation and you need a second income in order to get the bills paid, you might consider starting a home dropship business.

Although we were told that the national recession ended last year, there are still a lot of people who would argue that point with you, and many of those people are starting up home businesses.

In fact, according to the National Home Business Association, the number of people starting home businesses is rising by leaps and bounds.

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To many people, losing a boring, going nowhere job or being forced to start a home business to supplement their income and make ends meet has been the silver lining in the cloud of this ongoing economic recession.


Simply because many have discovered, after being driven to start a home dropship business by sheer necessity, that it was the best move they have ever made work-wise!

Look at these good reasons for starting a home business:

  • When you have your own business and work from home, you are your own boss.

  • No more overbearing, obnoxious boss or supervisor standing over you cracking the whip and taking it out on you if he or she has a bad day.

  • No more being squashed into crowded public transportation or sitting in traffic for interminable lengths of time.

  • No more spending part of your disposable income on clothing that you won’t wear anywhere except to work.

  • No more expensive lunches away from home.

  • No more being hit up to drop money in a hat that is passed around for some obscure reason way too often at work.

  • No more having to take your vacations when it suits someone else’s convenience.

  • No more punching a time clock or being locked into set working hours not of your choosing.

  • No more hitting the glass ceiling and knowing you have risen as far as you’re going to go in your salary and position.

Forget all that!

With your own home dropship business, you are the captain of your fate!

YOU make decisions based on what is best for yourself and your family.

YOU determine how much or how little money you want to earn.

You work the hours and days that YOU choose.

And more!

Achieving personal and financial freedom is a wonderful feeling!

Try it, you’ll like it!

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Drop shipping is something to look in to especially with the economy the way it is.One thought is that a lot of home work is needed before under going any endeavor.
Posted @ Sunday, November 28, 2010 8:33 PM by Jim
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