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Use Holiday Specific SEO to Maximize Dropship Sales


dropship christmasWhile most ecommerce entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of best practice SEO for a dropship business, have you stopped to consider the advisability of using keywords that are specifically related to the upcoming holidays?

Using holiday specific SEO can greatly improve your sales through the winter holidays!

Don’t just think Christmas---there are other holidays that would benefit from having their own unique keywords:

  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Kwanzaa
  • Hanukkah
  • New Years
  • Valentines’s Day

Also, though not strictly speaking holidays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two huge shopping days for ecommerce that need good SEO.

Frankly, there is no time to waste!

It can take Google a while to catch up to any changes you might make, so go ahead and get started now getting your holiday SEO in place.

What should you do to make sure you are using SEO effectively for the winter holidays?

First of all, you want to work on your holiday specific landing pages, ALT tags, dropship business blog articles, etc. You need to be sure to provide fresh, relevant content geared toward the holidays for the search engine crawlers to find.

Don’t overlook social media for utilizing SEO for the holidays, either.

If you are doing social media marketing on Twitter and/or Facebook, for instance, it is time to be getting your holiday strategies together and implementing them.

It wouldn’t hurt a thing to do a great holiday themed YouTube video, too!

You might want to do a humorous YouTube video with yourself or someone else dressed up as Santa Claus in a funny little vignette. Almost everybody responds well to humor and experience has shown that the videos which tickle people’s funny bones are the ones most likely to go viral.

Another tip for using SEO effectively during the holidays is to add links inside your website that are only for certain holiday themed keywords. People tend to shop a little differently during the holiday season and your links and keywords should cater to those special shopping habits.

Using best practices SEO during the holidays can boost profits for your dropship business!


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