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eBay Dropship Sellers: New Reporting Hub for Bad Buyers



dropship eBayIf you are a dropship seller on eBay, you might be interested to hear about some promised changes that could afford you a modicum of protection against unreasonable or malicious bidders and buyers.

According to eBay, beginning in late October sellers will have access to a reporting hub to blow the whistle on scammers and hostile buyers.


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Straight from eBay:

  • Starting in late October, you’ll have easy access to a streamlined reporting hub to share with eBay your full experience with a buyer.
  • Links to the new reporting hub will be at your fingertips—in the Feedback flow, in your Seller Dashboard, on the Contact Us page on eBay, the seller information page in the eBay Buyer Protection hub, and in Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro.
  • Though it won’t be public or visible to buyers, the information you provide will be used by eBay to help identify and take action against these buyers and sellers. They may be suspended or placed on restriction and their feedback and Buyer Protection cases removed from your account.
  • Starting in November, you’ll also see on your Seller Dashboard the number of times negative Feedback, low DSRs, and Buyer Protection cases were removed from your account due to seller reporting and eBay’s detection methods.

Can this be true?

Is eBay finally starting to get the message that---contrary to what they have been saying for the past few years---all buyers aren’t perfect?


What heresy for eBay!

If so, this could be a major breakthrough for dropship and all other sellers on eBay who have been at the mercy of every penny ante crook and sourpuss with an axe to grind against those who can’t defend themselves.

Dear old “Uncle Griff,” the alleged seller advocate, has often commented that every time a transaction goes south it is the fault of the seller. Every time. No exceptions.

His avowed belief is that there are no such things as bad buyers, only bad sellers.

Or, at least that used to be what he said in his discussion thread on Seller Central.

Nobody really knows what he might be thinking these days because he isn’t saying anything, having vanished from the infamous “Ask Griff” thread several months ago, never to be seen again. To date, anyway.

Now, sellers probably don’t much care what Uncle Griff says or thinks one way or the other, but if eBay itself is backing off their similarly biased claptrap that demonizes sellers while elevating all buyers to sainthood….that might be interesting!

Be on the lookout for the new reporting hub and start being a whistle blower when someone attempts to extort you for an unwarranted refund or leaves undeserved bad feedback or DSRs. It could help your dropship business!

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