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Dropship Tips: How to Use SEO to Maximize Your Facebook Presence

dropshipping FacebookYour dropship business can benefit from a social media marketing presence on Facebook, and using effective SEO practices can maximize your efforts.

You may not have put much thought into using SEO for your dropshipping business Fan Page, but the fact is that employing SEO best practices is always a good idea across any and every platform!

Since the search engines rank and also rate all web sites on the internet based on content, it just makes sense that this applies to Facebook content, as well.

With the advent of Google’s Real Time search, your Facebook content has become even more important, which makes it advisable to use your prime keywords whenever possible.

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Another thing to bear in mind is Facebook’s Open Graph, which basically enables Facebook to function as a search engine of sorts, tying social to search in a brand new way with its “Like” button and making SEO rich content on your Fan Page even more crucial.

Here are some basic tips for making your Facebook Fan Page more SEO maximized for the benefit of your dropship or other ecommerce business:

Naming Your Fan Page: Your Facebook Fan Page should have a name that incorporates at least one of your prime keywords. For example, if your dropshipping business sells aquarium supplies, and the name of your website uses the keywords “aquarium supplies,” then you should use those keywords in your page name. Please note that once you  have chosen a name for your Fan Page you will not be able to change it!

Choosing the Proper Category: When you begin creating your Facebook Fan Page, you will be shown a menu of categories to choose from. Choose wisely! Select a category that is most relevant to your dropshipping business and niche. Facebook will use this category to index your business, brand, etc. so it is important to place your page in the right category.

Using the Vanity URL: Once you have accumulated 100 fans, Facebook will allow you to choose a Vanity URL, or User Name, for your Fan Page. This may be the most important aspect of SEO for your Facebook presence, so do try to come up with a great Vanity URL. For example, if your main dropshipping products are mattresses and your business name is “Goodnight Sleep,” you might go for a Vanity URL such as:


Using good SEO can help make the most of your social media marketing efforts on Facebook to grow and build a home dropship business.

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