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Time Management Tips for the Work-at-Home Dropship Entrepreneur


If you are a work at home entrepreneur, you have probably already discovered that time management can be a major headache.

There are always 1,001 distractions, and a pet peeve of many home business operators is that a lot of people don’t consider working from home as really working.

But, of course it is.

In fact, when your livelihood depends on what you earn working from home, the heat is on to perform and do as good a job as you possibly can! Wasting time on frivolous pursuits when you should be working, pleasant though it may be, will land you in the Poorhouse if you aren't careful!

One way to maximize your work at home efforts is improving time management. 

Here are some tips that might prove useful in helping you manage your time wisely when working at home:

• Plan your work, work your plan. It is essential that you have a clear plan of what you are going to be doing from one day to the next. Otherwise, you’re like a ship without anyone at the helm….drifting aimlessly about in a sea of confusion, going nowhere.

•Timing is everything! Think about the periods during the day when you tend to spend the most time on the phone, and schedule tasks that don’t require as much attention for those intervals. When things are quiet and slower for you, plan on taking care of work that needs your undivided attention.

• Always set your priorities! Let’s be honest: there are only a certain number of hours in a day, and you don’t want to work every one of them. If your work day is usually 8 hours, then prioritize the tasks that need doing and work on them first. That way, if you don’t finish everything you wanted to within those hours, at least you will have completed the most important things.

• Set boundaries! Yes, of course you love your family and friends. But you absolutely must set boundaries for your working time! If you don’t, you will be disturbed and distracted constantly and will never get any work done. Make it crystal clear that you are not to be disturbed during working hours unless it’s a bona fide emergency that requires your attention that very minute. Working from home is living the dream, but you will have to manage your time or your dream could turn into a nightmare!

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