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Dropship SEO Tips: Is Your Website Optimized for Personalized Google?

dropship home office When you focus on SEO for your dropship website, are you taking into account Google’s personalized search?

If not, it might behoove you to consider doing so. Personalized search doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It isn’t just another here today and gone tomorrow internet fad, so understanding how it works and making sure your SEO is up to par for personalized search is important to the success of your online dropship business.

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First of all, you need to have a basic understanding of how Google’s personalized search works.  A very simplified explanation is to say that every time you Google anything, it is remembered, and when you start typing a query into Google’s search box that is similar to a search phrase or word you have used before, that older query will show up.

When you initially query a search, however, Google starts with a clean slate. Having personalized search can be really nice because chances are good that if you have visited a website in the past, you will be going back there again. Personalized search speeds up the process of getting back there on a return visit.

Now, what can you do for your ecommerce dropship business to use SEO that is maximized for personalized search? Here are a few tips:

  • Have a good understanding of your target market. What, specifically, are they looking for? If visitors find what they’re looking for on your site, this will move you up in Google search.

  • If you target more keywords and consider each and every page on your website as a landing page with targeted content, you will be exposing yourself to more search queries.

  • Spend some time building your brand. You can facilitate this by having a great social media marketing strategy, among other methods of promoting your brand and building brand recognition. If people remember your brand and search for it, this will give you a huge boost in personalized search!

Your ecommerce dropship website needs great SEO that takes into consideration Google’s personalized search!

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