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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: Want to Make Money? Ask For the Sale!

call to action dropship salesOne of the most often overlooked but critical steps many ecommerce entrepreneurs, including those with dropship businesses, is to simply ask for the sale.

Asking potential customers to buy is an old and venerable, time-tested principle of being successful in sales that has been around for many years and proven its worthiness time after time.

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Regardless of what industry you are in, selling wholesale dropship products or another ecommerce or traditional business endeavor; if you have a product or service that you want people to buy---you will almost always have to ask them to buy it.

Why is this so?

Because the average person will procrastinate about buying something, even if it is something they really want or need. Given a choice and without a nudge in the right direction, most will follow the Scarlett O’Hara philosophy of “I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

W. Clement Stone founded a multi-billion dollar industry in the insurance business using the principle of asking for the sale, plus other equally effective techniques.

Stone, author of the renowned book “The Success System That Never Fails,” was a proponent of asking for the sale. All of his agents were trained to follow this practice. In fact, they were given a sales talk to memorize that ended with the simple call to action: “May I write one for you also? May I?”

Sound corny?

Think again. It works!

W. Clement Stone, for example, began life on the poor side of South Chicago. His father died when he was only three, leaving his mother to eke out a living for herself and Stone by working as a dressmaker.

He dropped out of high school to join his mother in Detroit in an insurance agency she had started. She stayed in the office; he got out and made cold calls in the business district, door to door.

One short year later in 1919---still a teenager---Stone founded the Combined Insurance Company of America. By 1930, he had more than 1000 field agents selling his policies all across the USA. In 2008, six years after his death at the age of 100, Combined Insurance Company was sold to ACE Limited for $2.56 billion.

Did asking for the sale work for him? Obviously, it did.

Your dropship website might have the snazziest graphics and award worthy web design, the brightest and best product descriptions and images, and the lowest prices on the hottest selling products on the World Wide Web.

But, regardless of how brilliant your copywriting may be, if you fail to ask for the sale with a loud, clear call to action, you are leaving money on the table over and over again as prospective customers who are almost to the point of pulling the trigger on a purchase fizzle out and leave your dropship site without buying.

So, if your dropship sales are lagging and you don’t understand why, or if they’re okay but you’d naturally like to sell even more, take a good look at your content and make sure it includes calls to action.

Ask for the sale!

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