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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: SEO for Your Business Blog

SEO for ecommerce dropship blogHaving a blog for your dropship or other ecommerce business can be tremendously effective as part of your social media marketing campaigns.

You might not think of a blog as being a form of social media, but make no mistake it about ---it is!

SEO is very important to the success or failure of your dropship or ecommerce business blog. If you want to reap the maximum benefits for your blogging efforts, take a few minutes to learn how to use SEO best practices.

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Here are some tips for using SEO in your ecommerce dropship business blog:

  • Post a fresh, relevant blog post with your keywords comprising about 2% of the content at least once a day and more if you can manage it. Google and the other search engines send their bots to crawl all internet content, including blogs, so if you give them plenty of what they are looking for, you will score points and boost your rankings in search. Your blog posts don’t need to be pages and pages of content. In fact, this is a bad idea. Why? Because few people have the time or inclination to wade through that much material in a blog post. As a rule of thumb, 350-550 words are ample and will get the job done. Besides using your keywords in the body of the blog post, be sure to include them in titles and links to other archived posts, etc. Each title should be unique.

  • Link to your main website from your blog. This is very important! One link is sufficient, but do have at least one in every post somewhere. By the same token, link from your main website to your blog. Hopefully your URL has your keywords in it.

  • Use one to two images in your blog posts and be sure to use your keywords in the ALT tags. This is more fodder for the search engines and should not be overlooked.

  • Make it easy for others to share your blog posts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others by using imbedded widgets. If you have used SEO wisely in your user names and profiles on these social sites, this will boost your rankings in search, also.

Use these SEO tips for SEO best practices in your ecommerce dropship business blog and it will pay off for you in higher rankings in search, more traffic and sales.

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Hello Dear,  
Nice Post, I read your Post, Its really interesting and very Knowledgeable. You describe it in a very simple manner. I totally agree with you that SEO is very important to the success or failure of your dropship or ecommerce business blog. If you want to reap the maximum benefits for your blogging efforts. Thanks for sharing that great information with us.......Thanks for sharing.....Thanks a lot dear.....
Posted @ Friday, July 29, 2011 10:32 PM by social media
Great list of SEO tips for business blogs. Special about posting fresh relevant content in 500+ words range. After Panda update(s) content is more important than ever.
Posted @ Sunday, July 31, 2011 8:23 AM by Ivan Dimitrijevic
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